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Living a digital life with empty pockets


This is just a page with keywords, designed to help newbies find this blog more quickly when they use a search engine. I ran a Google search for various terms that new Second Life residents might use to find free items, and to my amazement, NONE of the brilliant freebie or newbie helper blogs turned up until several pages back (when many people might have given up).

Most of the searches people make are specific (things like: “freebie winter style in second life” and “second life sort inventory”) but for the basic terms, I wanted newbies to be able to bring up this blog as a starting point, from which they could explore other blogs.

NEWBIES! Did you reach this page via a search engine? Click the big ‘SL for Nowt’ logo at the top of the page and start to explore. I have lots of help for you (the ‘Newbie? Start Here’ page at the top of the blog) and also lots of great freebie locations and blogs listed in my links.
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