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I’m a designer. Will you feature my work on your blog if I send you some?

As a rule, I don’t accept products for review on SL for Nowt. However, if you have a freebie that you would like me to blog about (please be aware that there are hundreds of freebies out there and I might not get around to blogging about yours; my in-world time is usually limited) then feel free to contact me. Likewise, if you have a store that has several freebies or cheap items (the maximum price I blog about stops at 75L$) then feel free to contact me and I’ll see if I can drop by at some time. Please remember that this blog is only me: I don’t have a team of bloggers working with me, as some of the other freebie blogs do.

I will only blog about genuine designer freebies. No full-perm or business in a box items.

Hi! I’m new. Will you give me a makeover?

Sorry, no. I quite literally don’t have the time to undertake makeovers (newbie or otherwise). I suggest that you check out the ‘Newbie? Start Here‘ page at the top of the blog and follow the Non-Newbieness guides to get you started, then check out the rest of the blog for freebies. Don’t forget the links to other freebie blogs in my blogroll, either!

One thing I will say to all newbies: create your own SL style. Just as you have a style in Real Life, be it grungy, emo, classic, or just simple jeans n’ t-shirt, so you can find a style in Second Life.

Can I add you as a friend?

I’d rather you didn’t. This is not intended to be a rude answer, but when I’m in-world I’m usually running around after freebies, or I’m up in my skybox putting together looks, or taking snapshots and working on them in Photoshop. I really don’t have time for socialising, although sometimes if I’m stalking a lucky chair I’ll chat with people around me, or participate in group chats that might be ongoing. This is the main reason why I always blur out my full SL name in screenshots, although you may see me running around in-world with the blog name in my group tag ;)

I have a Second Life blog. Will you link to me?

If your blog is about freebies, or helping newbies, then sure. Just contact me at the email address in the sidebar of the blog, or leave a comment. If you have a general SL blog then I probably won’t link, as I want to keep SL for Nowt in the vein of freebies/cheapies/newbie help. However, if you’re blogging about your experiences as a newbie, for example, I’m more likely to link to you than I am if your blog is about your fashion store ;)

Are you an official blog about Second Life?

No, I’m not, and every page on the blog will tell you that in the sidebar. SL for Nowt is an entirely unofficial blog and is not endorsed by Linden Lab, the creators and owners of Second Life.

That said, one of my posts (30 Things Every Newbie Should Know Before Starting Second Life) has been read and commented on by various Lindens, and has been linked to on the official SL Wiki page about SL Etiquette. This does not make SL for Nowt an ‘official’ blog; rather it means that specific post was deemed useful to newbies and placed on the official Wiki accordingly.

How can I contact you?

The email address is in the sidebar of the blog. Emails will reach me quicker than IMs (which often get capped) and notecards (which get lost in the pixel ether very frequently).

Can I follow you anyplace else online?

Well, I did create a Twitter account and a Plurk account, but cross-posting to both became such a chore that I’ve given up on them. You can add the blog’s RSS to your feed reader of choice, though.  There’s also  a LiveJournal feed that you can add to your LJ friends list, and if you scroll down in the sidebar you’ll see a button to sign up for email alerts of new posts.

I have one other blog – Mar’s Ponderings – which is about general SL stuff, my musings, funny things I’ve spotted (the search terms for SL for Nowt come up with some utter gems sometimes, so you’ll find those there) and some fashion-y posts that are too expensive to go on SL for Nowt.


Nowt is a Northern English word meaning ‘nothing’, and although I’m not from that area (I am English, though), it struck me as a memorable way of suggesting the blog was about living cheap-n-free in Second Life.

What’s with all the adverts? Are you trying to make money from your readers?

No I’m not, and I’m particularly angry about this (you can read my rant about it here) because it’s out of my control. WordPress (my blog’s hosts) have decided to insert Google Ads, both image and text, into all of their blogs. The bloggers they host were neither consulted nor informed about this, and I know of several of my personal acquaintance that are so annoyed they are planning to move to self-hosting. SL for Nowt will soon be moving to its own dedicated server, so once I have the site up and running, mine will be yet another blog that WordPress will lose because of these ads.

Can you lend me 10L$?/Can I bite you?/Will you sexxorz me?

Don’t. make. me. mute. you. ;)

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  1. i was recently banned from sl i didnt know why how do i find out the reason .

    Comment by simon | May 17, 2009

  2. Simon, I don’t believe Linden Lab will tell you why, but there is an appeal process in place. Log into your account on the SL website (you may have to do this as a guest, depending on whether the ban reaches to the website as well) and go to the Support Portal and open a Support Ticket. As long as you weren’t doing anything against ToS (such as griefing other users, or being an underage user and mentioning that to someone who subsequently abuse-reported you) then your appeal should be listened to. Be calm when you make your report, include all the facts as you know them.

    Be sure, first of all, that you are actually banned and not just ‘ghosted’ (ie: your avatar gets stuck in-world when you log off and you get that ‘your account is not available right now’ message when you try to log in). If you are actually banned, then Linden Lab will send you an email to the email address you have given them for your account, informing you that you have been banned. I believe it also includes information on how to appeal against the ban.

    Comment by Mar | May 17, 2009

  3. Hi,

    We run a blog about freebies and bargains in Second Life.
    I was wondering if it would be possible to add our blog to your blogroll.
    If yes, I will do the same.

    Blog title: Resas Freebie Corner
    Blog address:

    Thank you very much for your consideration.


    Comment by Tom Pascale | May 21, 2010

    • Sure, I’ll be happy to add you, Tom :)

      Comment by Mar | May 21, 2010

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