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Living a digital life with empty pockets

Welcome to SL for Nowt

So what is SL for Nowt all about? (Hey, that rhymed…)

Well, I wanted to see if it was possible to live a Second Life without putting in any external money of my own.  I’m going to do this without camping (sitting on chairs/mopping floors/doing other activities that make an area look busy, in return for small amounts of cash) and definitely without begging. To begin with, this means everything will be a freebie.

My goals are as follows:

  • Kit out a female avatar (relatively easy, as SL is full of freebies for girl avs)
  • Create a ZHAO for her (animation overrider, to give her customised walk/fly/stand animations)
  • Build up an inventory of free textures to be used in building items
  • Find her somewhere to live (requires money, so I’ll need to raise capital somehow)
  • Find somewhere to sell the items she builds and thus get her a regular income (again, requires money)
  • Create a male ‘look’ for her, as she has an ambiguous name and could be either sex (plus kitting out a male for free in SL is much harder than kitting out a female)

These are my starter goals, and I don’t expect to accomplish them all at once! But with the help of some fabulous blogs and freebie places in SL, I should soon be on my way.

This is Mar, my new avatar. Say hello, Mar!

Mar says hello!

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