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Pixel pretties and a giggle

For a very limited time only, Pixeldolls have two samples of dresses available free at their Nakama location. For a while now, at their mainstore location, they have been giving a sample of their new releases in a single colour, so that customers can try them out. Mar headed over to the Nakama location to pick up the new dresses, and they’re gorgeous.

These are free for a very limited time. You’ll find them on the floor under the main ads for the dresses. But that’s not all you can pick up at that location! Hop behind the cut for some lovely retro-style swimsuits that double as nice tops, plus a giggly gift from Baby Monkey’s group.

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Group gifts from Ivalde, Sn@tch, Exodi, and Baby Monkey, plus a Newbie Special from Ivalde

I’m cramming a lot into today’s post, peeps. Four group gifts, plus a very special newbie offer for female avatars less than 30 days old.

First up, let’s try and hurry Summer up with Exodi’s fabulous bikini and capris gifty! Exodi’s group costs 250L to join, and the gifts range from full skin packs to eyes to clothing. This group is a keeper, if you have some money to spare to join. Mar has teamed the Exodi gift with the new group gift from Baby Monkey (free to join) – the colour-change Kroko Pumps:

Hop behind the cut for the other gifts, and the newbie offer!

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Ivalde discount store

Ivalde have a new discount store, which Mar explored earlier today. Prices start at just 1L$, so if you love vintage clothing, head over there to check it out.

This is the beautiful ‘Gloria’ dress. It comes in four colours, as shown, and they’re just 1L$ each. Perfect if you need a period-style gown for a dance or roleplay area:

Hop behind the cut for more bargains that Mar picked up.

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Ivalde sim hunt

Ivalde, L’Abel and Aurora Borealis are all holding an easter egg hunt on the Ivalde sim until April 11th. There are 13 eggs to be found: ten silvery ones in the Ivalde and L’Abel stores, and three patterned ones in the Aurora Borealis store. The eggs are all set to buy for 0L$ and are easy to find. The prizes inside are gorgeous. Ivalde are also holding a 50% sale right now, and Aurora Borealis have 50% off all Vintage Beads, so if you love vintage clothing and jewellery, have a look around while you’re egg-hunting!

I’ve screencapped all the prizes, so if you don’t want to be spoiled for everything, don’t look behind the cut. I’ll put just one prize image before the cut: the beautiful Ellinor Dress –

Hop behind the cut if you want to see the others.

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Typically Tropical

Woah, we’re going to Barbados…

[AV] has a new dollarbie out, and it’s a cute high-waist retro pants set called Tropical Green:

Try your luck with the lucky board, too (matching bangles to be won) and there are several dollarbies and other cheap items in the store :)

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Vintage fashion on a budget (part 1)

I love vintage fashion, and it seems that many people in Second Life are with me on that, given the number of stores offering high-quality retro items. There’s even a whole sim of retro fashion: Retrology (take an afternoon and wander around there sometime; it’s a great place).

So I thought I would put together a post containing freebie items that you can wear to give your avatar a vintage look. Hop behind the cut for lots of links and pictures!

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