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Hints & tips: Working with inventory in Viewer 2

UPDATE: If you’ve landed on this page because you suddenly can’t find or access your inventory using Second Life’s new ‘Viewer 2’, please go to this page on the new SL for Nowt blog to find out how to fix the issue :)

EDIT: Apparently the inventory button on the lower toolbar may be an addition only in the Kirsten viewer (see my endnote). Unfortunately I don’t have time to check this out right now, so please be aware that you may not find that button there. Hopefully, though, you should still be able to access your inventory (and thus do the two-windows trick) by opening the Sidebar. Although whether Linden Lab have hidden that sidebar option, too, is open to debate and something I can’t clarify until I (damn it!) am forced to install Viewer 2 myself :/

I’ll admit it: I’m struggling with the new SL viewer, aka Viewer 2 (or, for purposes of this post, V2). To me, as a long-term user of the older-style viewer, it feels completely non-intuitive. I’m especially struggling with inventory when I use it for tutorials, but because it’s so vastly different from the old viewers, I have to take screencaps using both now, to guide users of both and show them what they need to be doing.

Here’s one very useful tip for working with your inventory using V2. That sidebar inventory is a complete bugbear to me. Dragging and dropping (the quickest way to move stuff around in your inventory) is a nightmare, and you can’t actually re-position the sidebar at all. One of the main things I do when working with inventory is to drag two inventory windows side-by-side together in the middle of my viewer, so having one of those stuck to the right-hand-side of the viewer feels very awkward to me.

Hop behind the cut for my simple tip. It’s so simple, in fact, that it was one of those “D’oh!” moments when I realised it ;)

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