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Useful gadgets #1 – The Bright Packer

I’ve been meaning to do a series about useful gadgets in Second Life for some time now, and since I’ve been spending a while doing some inventory-sorting and archiving today, I was making use of one really great freebie gadget, and thus the post series was born! These will all be freebies or very cheap items. Any pricier gadgets that I blog about will go onto my Ponderings blog (check the sidebar of this blog for a feed from there).

My first featured useful gadget is the Bright Packer. It’s a freebie, available from Bright Corporation (SLurl*) (Marketplace link) and it’s a script that you place into a prim containing items you want to sell/give away/archive. It enables you to unpack that box anywhere, without needing to rez it on the ground. This is really handy if you want to open an archive box to remove something from it, and you’re in a location that doesn’t allow rezzing, or you want people to be able to unpack a box in your store but you don’t permit rezzing there.

How does it work? Simple: it appends the words ‘(Wear to unpack)’ to the end of the box’s name, and you simply do that. Right-click it in inventory, select ‘Wear’ and it will immediately offer you a folder containing everything in it. And the best thing? You don’t even need to take it off again; it ‘unwears’ itself!

Hop behind the cut for a quick tutorial on how to use it.

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