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Dia de los Muertos hunt at The Gentlemen Bastards

Spooky freebies are to be had at The Gentlemen Bastards up to and including November 5th. The Dia de los Muertos Hunt is running there until then, featuring skins from RP Box, builds from Domicile, and other creepy items. There are pumpkins scattered all over the place, across the two stores, but only some of them have prizes in them. If you get stuck, click the big pumpkin on the straw bales by the entrance for some hints. A new prize will be put out every day (and the old prizes will remain out, too) until the hunt is over.

Here’s the gift for day 1. It’s a fabulous Baron Samedi skin by RP Box. The outfit that Mar’s cobbled together for it is a mish-mash of all kinds of old things, so I’m afraid I can’t give you locations where to get the items. Sorry about that!

Hop behind the cut for pics of the goodies from days 2 and 3!

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The Red Seal Hunt at Rue D’Antibes

Leg it over to Rue D’Antibes and check in all the stores that have a sign for the Red Seal Hunt rezzed out. You’re looking for a white envelope with a red wax seal on it, and inside each one you’ll find some fabby free stuff, from hair and clothing to jewellery and household items (and guys, there’s something for you in one of the stores: big hint to save you from traipsing all around the girly stores: they have DJ equipment inside, as well as clothing).

The hunt runs until October 4th, and Mar’s got just a few of the items here to show you, so hop behind the cut!

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Some pretties for holiday Monday

Have some pretties for a holiday Monday :)

Baby Monkey has a sweet little pair of Cute Button Wedges for just L$10 at the desk inside the door. Mar’s teamed them with the L$10 Katiuscia dress in peach, from the Glam Affair/Beauty Avatar Couture discount room (see this post for how to get there). You’ll need to edit the skirt of the dress; see towards the end of this post for instructions (it’s really simple!)

Hop behind the cut for more Monday cheerer-uppers!

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He-Arrrr!t and Sole

*groans at the title* (Okay, it’s not one of my best!)

Heart & Sole are taking part in the Doubloon Hunt. Search the store for a big piratical piece of eight, and inside you’ll find these fabby prim-toed skully shoes, perfect for those Anne Bonney moments!

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A grab-bag of goodies

Today’s post is brought to you by the letters [AV], the Sn@tch Twisted Hunt Gift, and Akers.

The dollarbie of the week at [AV] is this gorgeous Fifties Chic outfit. Since Mar didn’t win the matching shoes on the lucky board, she’s wearing Baby Monkey’s Flounce Pump in rose silk, which goes nicely with the outfit. Her hair is Baby in birch, by House of Heart.

Doing the Twisted Hunt? I exhausted myself finishing that last year, so I’ve only made a point of getting the prize from Sn@tch, because I’d seen it in Ivey’s group notice and had to have it. It’s a special Twisted Hunt-only wine-coloured version of the Chilled coat. You’re looking for a tiny, spinning Lamentation Puzzle (the one from Hellraiser) to get your gift. It’s within 20m of the store entrance. Here, Mar has teamed the coat with booty shorts from Sn@tch, House of Heart’s Carrie hair in black, and House of Curio’s colour-change Strappy Stilettos:

Hop behind the cut for more bargains!

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A treasure hunter’s top tip

I’m currently doing the Cupcake Hunt at Vinyl Cafe (join the Vinyl Cafe group, head to their sim and start hunting in the stores for ten cupcakes, some of which are teeny-tiny!). You need to touch the cupcakes with your group tag active, as it’s a group-only hunt and the prizes can’t be received by anyone not wearing the tag. (I would try things on and take some pics, but I’ve hunted myself into a headache, so once this post is done I’m off for a lie-down!)

This is a tricksy hunt! Some of the cupcakes are miniscule and very well-hidden. But there is one nifty trick you can try (outside of hunt radars and the like) that’s built into your SL viewer itself. So, if you’ve cammed around until you’re knackered, without any sign of the hunt item, hop behind the cut to find out what that nifty trick is.

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Peppermint Blue Day: Pirate Hunt

Arrr! The reason why I was busy at Silk Road today now becomes clear. I was taking part in the Peppermint Blue Pirate Hunt, which runs from today (July 24th) until September 6th. There are 12 prizes to be found, hidden in treasure chests around the Silk Road sim. The chests are easy to find, and inside each folder you’ll find an easy-tp landmark to the next location in the sim. The prizes are also all free, and there’s something for the guys, too!

Your start location is here. Turn around and buy the starter chest under the tree for 0L$ –

Hop behind the cut for pics that I snapped along the way, plus pics of the prizes, and a BIG warning that you MUST read before you start the hunt.

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You know Mar and her love of purple. Well…

The top is Pixeldolls‘ latest subscribo gift: the Atlantis jacket, in violet. I’ve teamed it with the skirt from the (not free) Amity dress, also by Pixeldolls. (Psst! There’s a 10L$ retirement sale going on at Pixeldolls right now, so hurry over. Lots of good stuff to be had!) The boots are the latest offering from House of Curios (in-world or on XstreetSL). At 40L$ they come with lots of colour options for both the boot itself and the metal heel. The necklace is the Opium freebie choker in amethyst (can’t remember where I got this now, but it was at one of the big freebie stores; most likely Free Dove).

UPDATE: The Atlantis jacket is now available to everyone, at the Pixeldolls’ section of The Gnubie Store :)

The hair is part of the July 4th gift from House of Heart. Both HoH and Bewitched Hair have not only July 4th gifts, but also Canada Day gifts out in their stores:

There’s also a hunt going on at the HoH and Bewitched locations. Details below are from the group notecard:

~~~~To celebrate the opening of the island of Bewitched, shared with my mama Wiccan, we are having a HUNT!! ~~~~

There are 35 little “bewitching” hats spread out all over the island. HOH & BWH have 25 little hats out with 21 of them set at 10$L and 4 at 0$L, with prizes ranging from single packs, various mixed colors and everything packs. Wic will also be putting out some goodies for you guys, clothing and shoes..o.O, 8 of which are 10$L and 2 at 0$L. There are even some goodies for the lads.
So basically you get a crazy load of hair and clothing, for only 290$L if you pick ’em all up!…I think I’m feverish…lol. The hunt will run from July 1st to 5th….Have fun!!

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[AV] has a junebug hunt running at their store in Lemania, until June 30th. I’m late to this one, but you’ve still got four days to get it done. It’s an easy hunt: just find six shimmering little junebugs in the store for 1L$ each, and you’ll get a lovely dress, coat, shoes, boots and jewellery:

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Shoe-huntin’, chess-playin’, freebie-grabbin’ Mar

Wow, what a glorious glut of goodies there are in SL today!

First up, head to Vinyl Cafe and click one of their group join signs. Then, with the group tag active, roam the sim looking for big treasure chests. Click the chests to receive the contents. Inside each chest is a pair of shoes: many of them prim-toed. This is a joint hunt with The Dominion Fashion District, so once you’ve found the five chests at Vinyl Cafe, head over to The Dominion and find the other five.

(Note that the prim feet and toes of some of these shoes are not scripted for colour-changing, so you’ll need to do a bit more work to get them to match your avatar’s skin. Check out this post on the Vinyl Cafe blog to find out how to do that. Bonus points, though, mean that you can customise the toenails however you like! I made Mar’s a deep blood red [Chanel’s Rouge Noir, anyone? *g*) and added some ‘shiny’ to them. Also, no scripts means less lag!)

Then we have another gorgeous gifty from the Pixeldolls subscribomatic! The ‘Chess’ dress is a quirky black and royal blue frock with slipping shoulder straps and a floaty net skirt.

Lastly, mosey on over to Fabulous Fashion TV‘s new studio. Head up the stairs and to your left you’ll find the designer freebie wall. I grabbed everything there, but modelled here are: the black colour of Refuge’s ‘Ana’ hair (fabulous fatpack; and I edited the scrunchies to match the dress) and Alienbear’s gorgeous NX jewellery:

Pose used: Striking Poses ‘Charlize Theron #9’.

There’s tons of other stuff on those freebie shelves, but I’ll leave you to discover those treats yourself. Have fun!

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