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Newbie Notes: Nervous newbie? Be a Tiny!

Maybe you’ve just decided to check out this Second Life thing, but you’re wary of all the bad stuff you’ve heard about it. You know: the tabloid stories about sex, real life divorces, paedophiles, sex and more sex. But nonetheless, you’ve seen some pictures of Second Life, it looks pretty cool (apart from all that nasty stuff you heard about) and you want to check it out. But you’re kind of nervous about all that nasty stuff.

Or maybe you’re a bit of a loner, you’re not into socialising. You just want to explore without having people randomly saying ‘Hi! Where are you from? What’s your real name and what do you do?” to you.

Or maybe… maybe you just want to be different.

What’s the solution? (Apart from not believing all the tabloid rumours, most of which were only written to sell more newspapers…)

Be a Tiny :)

What’s a Tiny? Well, a Tiny is a very small avatar, and usually pretty cute, too. Tinies don’t get hit on, nobody will proposition them for sex, Bloodlines vampires are very unlikely to offer to bite them (the animation for an adult vampire isn’t going to work on an itty bitty tiny), and best of all? They feel safe. And in a world where you might not feel completely at ease, safety – even if it’s only a sensation of safety – is important.

So hop behind the cut, and I’ll show you where you can find some free Tiny avatars.

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