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Ladybird, Ladybird, fly away home

Ladybird is closing, and all clothing items in the store are set to 1L$ each. I’ve no idea how long the closing-down sale will go on for, but there are some sweet and lovely items on offer.

Hop behind the cut for a few more pics.

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Evocative Free Designs

Lapointe and Bastchild have a store in their Evocative sim, entitled Evocative Free Designs, and it’s filled with nothing but freebies. Good quality freebies, at that. Guys, you’ll find stuff here for you, as well as the girls. There’s everything from clothing to jewellery, and even two free skins (one male, one female) donated by Eloh Eliot. I couldn’t even begin to screencap everything in the store, so hop behind the cut for just a selection.

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More hair freebies for the guys

Husky GFX! have placed a pack of free hair inside the entrance of their mainstore at Tarnotopia. The small box is on top of another box, and the style is called ‘dirty biker hair’. It comes in two colours: black and light. Personally, I prefer light, but since both are freebies one can’t complain! The notecard in the box states the hair is not made by Husky, but the store is simply offering it because so many people have asked about it. Just behind that box, closer to the entrance, you’ll see a free unisex tattoo called Fenrirwolf.

More bloke-bits (not those kinds of bloke bits! Sheesh!) and a free girl’s hair, too, behind the cut…

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