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A Halloween gifty from Truth Hair

Ladies, go slap the Subscribe-o-matic at Truth Hair (and if you’ve not already joined, then hit ‘Subscribe’). Slap it again and click ‘History’, then look for the notice dated October 28th. Click the relevant numbered button, and (after some considerable lag, as the store is heaving right now) you’ll be sent a package. Head for a less busy place to open it, and inside you’ll find eight bright colours of Truth’s Cleo hair, together with a further eight (same) colours in streaked versions.

Mar’s modelling the ‘Fire’ colour here, together with a lovely Houndstooth jacket from the L$1 closing sale at [AV] – see my previous post for details of that!

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Autumn freebies!

Two lovely autumnal gifts have hit the grid over the past couple of days. SF Design‘s October freebie in-store is the snuggly Wrap Up Knitted Jacket in sienna. There’s one in both the ladies and menswear stores, so guys you can get your Starsky on, too ;)

The great thing about these designs is they come with both a script-resize belt and lower part and also manually-resizable versions. So, no matter what your level of experience when it comes to fiddling with and fitting prims, you’re good-to-go!

Hop behind the cut to find out about the second gift :)

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Dressing Room and other stuff!

New items at The Dressing Room, peeps, and I have some other goodies for you, too!

My featured Dressing Room items are the new Helena 02 skin from Tuli (L$65), the Somebody’s Baby hair from Shag (L$70), the Gonzo Jeans from Fishy Strawberry (L$55), and the Open Cargidans from So Many Styles (L$50). Please note that the open cardigans are just that: open! You’ll need to find a top to go underneath them, as Mar has done here with the top from the dress by A-Bomb :)

The cardigan pack includes beige (shown here) and khaki, while the jeans include a skinny version (shown here) and a loose version. For more pics, including close-ups of the hair and skin, and some fabby free new eyes and funky socks, hop behind the cut!

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Nothing could be sweeter

Than this group gift from Sweeter Than Candy which just went out to the subscribe-o-matic members. The Penelope dress in olive with the cuter-than-cute little Mimsi Flats to match it, and I love it, from its sculpted prim skirt and belt to its little peep of the pink bra top underneath it. Mar teamed them with some L$1 Everyday Hoops from the third floor bargain room at Ticky Tacky ( the prettiest jewellery, and no I’m not camped by the lucky board hoping to get a specific set of earrings in it! :p ) and classic Davina II hair from ETD (store now sadly closed indefinitely).

Edit: Yay! I just got the earrings on a wildcard! Hop behind the cut to see them. I wanted them because they matched the dress perfectly!

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A pukka gift at Bukka

This great little resizeable hip bag is the gift you’ll get when you click the Subscribe-o-matic at Bukka:

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Get suited at Hoorenbeek

There are new male and female gifts for Subscribe-o-matic members at Hoorenbeek. You will need to have been a member of their Subscribo for more than 14 days in order to qualify for this gift. If you’re already a member (and have been for at least that long) then head over to the store’s central pillar to click and claim your gifty. If not, then go there, click the Subscribo, then come back in 14 days. The gifts usually remain out for at least a month, so you’ll have plenty of time to grab them.

Boys, my apologies, but I didn’t have long in-world to grab the gift and take snapshots, so I’m afraid I didn’t get or snap your gift (I literally saw the email alert of the notice and ran to log in so I could grab and blog as fast as possible, to give everyone the maximum amount of time to join the Subscribo if they needed to!). You lads get a great olive hoodie with sculpted hood and accessories (and Hoorenbeek’s clothes are always fab quality, so it’s one you should definitely snag!)

Girls, you’re in for a treat, especially if you need what this month’s gift is: a fantastic grey business suit. This has over 60 pieces, and you can choose from normal system pants or pants with sculpted cuffs, a skirt, a texture jacket or various sculpted jacket bases, three shirts (black, white with thin grey stripe, and white with thin blue stripe) and… well, like I said: I didn’t have much time so I quickly put on a few options and took some snaps! Mar’s teamed them with House of Curio’s L$50 colour-change MIB Stilettos, the L$65 Tuli limited edition Dressing Room skin (blogged here) and her favourite Amacci freebie hair (blogged in the same post).

Another pic showing more options behind the cut!

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Heart & Sole 2000 member gift

It’s all about the special member gifts today!

Head to Heart & Sole (there’s a landing point, so follow the red beam or fly south to find the store). Click the Subscribo to join, then click again and select ‘history’ and look for the button marked “Let’s celebrate with free boots!”

This is the fabby gift you’ll get:

Psst! There’s also a free pair of black pumps to be had in the store, right by the subscribo.

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Shoe-huntin’, chess-playin’, freebie-grabbin’ Mar

Wow, what a glorious glut of goodies there are in SL today!

First up, head to Vinyl Cafe and click one of their group join signs. Then, with the group tag active, roam the sim looking for big treasure chests. Click the chests to receive the contents. Inside each chest is a pair of shoes: many of them prim-toed. This is a joint hunt with The Dominion Fashion District, so once you’ve found the five chests at Vinyl Cafe, head over to The Dominion and find the other five.

(Note that the prim feet and toes of some of these shoes are not scripted for colour-changing, so you’ll need to do a bit more work to get them to match your avatar’s skin. Check out this post on the Vinyl Cafe blog to find out how to do that. Bonus points, though, mean that you can customise the toenails however you like! I made Mar’s a deep blood red [Chanel’s Rouge Noir, anyone? *g*) and added some ‘shiny’ to them. Also, no scripts means less lag!)

Then we have another gorgeous gifty from the Pixeldolls subscribomatic! The ‘Chess’ dress is a quirky black and royal blue frock with slipping shoulder straps and a floaty net skirt.

Lastly, mosey on over to Fabulous Fashion TV‘s new studio. Head up the stairs and to your left you’ll find the designer freebie wall. I grabbed everything there, but modelled here are: the black colour of Refuge’s ‘Ana’ hair (fabulous fatpack; and I edited the scrunchies to match the dress) and Alienbear’s gorgeous NX jewellery:

Pose used: Striking Poses ‘Charlize Theron #9’.

There’s tons of other stuff on those freebie shelves, but I’ll leave you to discover those treats yourself. Have fun!

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Gettin’ primmy wid it!

Further to yesterday prim-toed shoe post, a call went out to alert a group I’m in of a current Subscribomatic-joining gift of free prim-toed shoes with tintable feet. Head over to Heart & Sole (you’ll be dropped at a landing point, so follow the arrow South toward the red beam in order to find the store) and hit up the subscribomatic just inside the door. The joining gift for April (so hurry up; it won’t be there much longer!) is this lovely pale pink pair of ‘Breezy’ shoes:

More prim-toed goodness when you hop behind the cut!

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Group gifts from Kunglers & Pixeldolls

News from Kunglers group: the group is moving to paid membership (in the same vein as many of the skin groups, such as Tuli, etc). A one-off charge of 150L$ will grant you access to the group (if you’re already a member, you don’t have to pay this), and the group gifts that Ava and Barbra Kungler put out. It will also automatically entitle you to a 20% discount on anything in the store, from the next set of releases onward (make sure to wear your group tag when purchasing!) Also? There’s another series of items in-store that will be 50% off for group members only. The current free group gift (both in the store and in group notices) is this sweet pants set that cried out for heels and a cowboy hat *g*

Hair is House of Heart‘s ‘Rush’ in auburn (comes with hat), and the shoes are Enkythings‘ dollarbie ‘Talyn Grey’.

I do hope you joined the Pixeldolls subscribomatic when I urged you to a while back, because they just sent out a gorgeous group gift of five ‘Anna’ skins (ten, if you count the freckled versions too!) –

Hair is Bewitched‘s ‘Francesca’ in dark brown.

It doesn’t look as though the skins are in the subscribo’s history, but if you haven’t joined yet, then do so anyway. It’s free, and you’ll get a humongous pack of stuff from the store (including skins from Stella di Roccia). Also, everything in the store is marked down to 50L$ right now, except the red-bordered items, which are 10L$. Well worth a look!

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