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Snow joke!

The new monthly freebie from SF Design (male and female versions available) is a gorgeous, snuggly-warm red duffle jacket. Mar decided to wrap up warm and head off to Toggenburg sim for some winter fun!

Hop behind the cut for more pics and info on everything else she’s wearing!

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Tutorial: How to send someone a gift from SL Marketplace

I was browsing the search terms that led people to the blog, and I came across this one: why cant i send a gift to someone from the sl marketplace?

Good point! On the old XstreetSL site, before Linden Lab changed the code and it became SL Marketplace, the ‘send as gift’ option was right there on the item’s page, but now it seems to have gone. Well, it’s not gone; it’s just hidden a little bit and slightly more convoluted to get to (ie: more mouse-clicking!).

NOTE: You can’t gift a freebie item. Only items that cost L$1 or more can be gifted.

Hop behind the cut for a quick tutorial on sending a gift to someone via SL Marketplace.

UPDATE! Thankfully, Linden Lab have now sorted this problem out. There is an option to send a gift right by the usual ‘add to cart’ section now :)

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Marketplace dollarbies: Son!a – Rosalinda Dress

I was browsing through SL Marketplace’s freebies and dollarbies last night, and found some great stuff. Here’s one beautifully-elegant gown for just L$1 from Son!a:

Find it here on the Marketplace :)

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Useful gadgets #1 – The Bright Packer

I’ve been meaning to do a series about useful gadgets in Second Life for some time now, and since I’ve been spending a while doing some inventory-sorting and archiving today, I was making use of one really great freebie gadget, and thus the post series was born! These will all be freebies or very cheap items. Any pricier gadgets that I blog about will go onto my Ponderings blog (check the sidebar of this blog for a feed from there).

My first featured useful gadget is the Bright Packer. It’s a freebie, available from Bright Corporation (SLurl*) (Marketplace link) and it’s a script that you place into a prim containing items you want to sell/give away/archive. It enables you to unpack that box anywhere, without needing to rez it on the ground. This is really handy if you want to open an archive box to remove something from it, and you’re in a location that doesn’t allow rezzing, or you want people to be able to unpack a box in your store but you don’t permit rezzing there.

How does it work? Simple: it appends the words ‘(Wear to unpack)’ to the end of the box’s name, and you simply do that. Right-click it in inventory, select ‘Wear’ and it will immediately offer you a folder containing everything in it. And the best thing? You don’t even need to take it off again; it ‘unwears’ itself!

Hop behind the cut for a quick tutorial on how to use it.

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Free AOs

UPDATE (October 2010) – This post has now been updated with new SL Marketplace links, as the old XstreetSL site has now closed. I’ve also added a couple of new SL Marketplace AOs to the end of the list.

From looking at my blog stats, one of the most frequent search terms that brings people to SL for Nowt is ‘free AO’. An AO is an Animation Overrider, which is something that you wear (usually a HUD on your screen, but very occasionally an older AO will be worn on the body) and it will change your stand, walk, sit etc animations to much nicer ones than the default.

I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of free (and very cheap) AOs in-world and on SL Marketplace, so that people had a one-stop-shop to go to. This list will by no means be comprehensive (I can only cover the AOs that I know about or can find!) so if you know of a free or dollarbie AO that isn’t mentioned, please let me know in a comment and I will add it to my list. Please mention in the comment whether it’s available for newbies (avatars under 30 days only) or for anyone to buy.

Hop behind the cut for the list!

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