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Sim Freebie Walkaround: Wollstonecraft Place

Here we go, off on another Sim Freebie Walkaround. This time we’re getting Steamy, Edwardian, and Whovian in the rather bogglingly brilliant Wollstonecraft Place area of Maske sim. There is steampunky, urchiny, Dr Whovian goodness galore here, plenty of great freebies and some very clever twists to the build.

Hop behind the cut. Sensitive gentlemen of the age may wish to avert their eyes. Intelligent women lurk within, and they demand suffrage…

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Sim freebie walkaround: Mischief Cove

This post was blighted by a huge number of crashes, so it took me almost all day to complete. Highly frustrating, but I am nothing if not dedicated *g* I would have taken more screenshots, but I suffered a total of 19 crashes while making this, so just staying logged and finding the freebies was difficult enough, let alone remembering to screencap them all!

Today I’m doing a sim freebie walkaround (including dollarbies, of course, which are just as good as freebies!). What does this entail? Well, I take a walk around a specific sim and screencap and link you to all of the freebies and dollarbies that I find there. I try to pick interesting sims, rather than just mega-malls: sims that have a great build with lots of fun stuff to look at, poseballs to try out (useful for taking screencaps/snapshots) and maybe even some free-to-copy items lying around.

Today’s sim freebie walkaround is at Mischief Cove, which is home to some great stores that you might have heard of.

Hop behind the cut for instructions, directions, and piccies!

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