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Flex your mouse-hovering muscles!

To celebrate their second SL anniversary, Tyranny Designs is holding a L$0 secret sale at its stores in Bazaar of Gor and Atomic Island. At each location there are 12 items marked down to L$0, until September 1st. All you have to do is hover your mouse over each ad board (Make sure you have View > Tooltips checked in your viewer!) to find the freebies. I’m not going to give them all away, but here are just a few of the lovely items to be found for zero pennies. You’ll find both fantasy and contemporary clothing at both stores (and make sure you check all of the ads at both stores; some items are full-priced at one store but free at the other!)

This low-rise skirt is very low-rise, especially at the back ;)

Mar’s hair in these pics (unless stated) is the freebie Skylynn from Damselfly at Savoir Hair.

Hop behind the cut for more!

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He was a sk8r boi

Well, guys, summer may almost be over for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, but in SL there are sunny beaches all year round. And for you grunge and sk8r lovers, I have found a fab lucky board and a new store that sells stuff just up your halfpipe (as it were).

Head on over to Beggars Day, and haunt their lucky board to see if you can win this cute Sienna Calico Dress and Holey Leotards (the ‘& not’ bit means there’s a non-holey pair included). I’m reliably informed that the board is set to ‘easy’ and wildcards are plentiful. My kind of board!

Mar’s hair in this pic is from Philotic Energy, and her shoes are from House of Curios.

That’s not all, though. There’s a freebie in the store for guys, and there will be a secret sale, starting at 11:59 SLT tonight (Friday October 16th) and running all weekend until 11:59 Sunday October 18th. There will be freebies, dollarbies and discounted items, and the whole store (the whole thing!) will be available to buy for 300L$. Just look for the flaming box next to the dollarbie wall. Make sure you join the subscribe-o-matic, too, because new clothing will be coming out after the sale.

OK, a few piccies of what’s in the store behind the cut. All you sk8r bois and grrls out there, hop behind and follow me!

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Bewitched Hair & House of Heart secret sale part 2

Bewitched Hair and House of Heart (both now located on Tropical Escape, as Lemon Island has now closed down) are holding a second ‘secret sale’ event, lasting until April 6th. In each store you will find eight packs of hair for just 1L$ each: two in Pigs n’ Ponys, one in Mens, one in Up-Do’s, two in Short/Medium, and two in Long. I can’t tell you what they are (the designers request that bloggers don’t give away locations or styles, which is perfectly fair) but if you head there you might find other people shouting out the styles (which is allowed).

To find the styles, make sure you can view tooltips (View > Hover Tips > Show Tips) and then hover your cursor over each individual hair colour pack, checking the price. There are other markdowns, too, so if you have favourite styles then keep an eye out for the 50L$ packs, as well!

I get a lot of the hair that I use for the blog pictures in these hunts, and they’re always worth the time spent in doing them.

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Sale, group gifts and other goodies at GL Designs

GL Designs is a great little store that I discovered while on the Twisted Hunt. At the moment, everything in the store is marked down to just 50L$ and one item per day is marked down to just 5L$ until Tuesday 10th March. If you join the GL Designs group, there are no less than six group freebies in the store, plus you’ll also find a lucky chair, Midnight Mania board, and two fun item-camp ‘drink me’ bottles (25 min sit) where you can select the prize you want to win. Mar couldn’t resist the little buckled flats available, so here she is, getting rather soggy. The things we do for nice shoes! ;)

Here’s one of the group freebies: a sexy little dress called ‘Seduction Copper’ –

I’ve teamed it with hair from Bewitched (‘Butterfly’ in nugget), shoes from Baby Monkey (‘Barbara’ thong sandals in gold) and jewellery from House of Heart (Art Deco Pearls in gold).

Hop behind the cut for more pics. And don’t forget to look for the Twisted Hunt box while you’re there. It’ll be out until March 31st, and it’s a red and black Lament Configuration (the puzzle box from Hellraiser).

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Quick news from Bewitched Hair: the freebie and clearance room has been closed, and now all freebie and clearance hairstyles will be in their relevant room. So, for instance, you’ll find the long-haired freebie ‘Paris’ in the long hair section. They’re on the same walls as the room entrances, and they’re clearly marked, so you can’t miss them:

There’s also a new release gift at Bewitched, with examples of the two latest styles: Maria (charcoal) and Bailey (aub). Look for the easel in-store, and buy the picture it’s holding for 0L$. Here’s Mar, modelling both of them for you. They’re great styles, for free!

In other hairy news, House of Heart is holding a secret sale at its location in Hairspray2. There’s a sign inside the door to click that will tell you the names and colour packs of all the discounted styles (some of them down to 50L) but there are a few colour packs reduced to 1L$, and you won’t find those listed in the notecard you get ;)

The trick to finding them is easy, but a tad time-consuming: you have to hover the cursor of your mouse over each pack and check the price. Luckily, the Hairspray2 store is a smaller one than the mainstore, so once you get your speed up, it shouldn’t take you too long to find the 1L$ packs. Hint: I found six of them, but no piccies because that would give away which styles they are. Go look for them! :p

I’ve no idea how long the secret sale will last for. It’s usually a couple of days, but don’t dawdle!

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