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Walkabout: Newbie Areas – Ambling Around Ambat Infohub

This is the second in my alphabetical Walkabout series, where I take a look around a Welcome Area or Infohub (where newbies might find themselves first rezzing on Mainland). Today I explored the next official landmark I had, and that was Ambat Infohub, created by Osprey Therian.

Ambat is a small, but very pretty little infohub that has an NCI (New Citizens Inc) Infonode attached to it. So, while it’s small, it’s packed with useful stuff for newbies.

Hop behind the cut for some screencaps showing what I found at the infohub and the surrounding regions.

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Walkabout: Newbie Areas – Around the Ahern Infohub/Welcome Area

New series! Today I decided to newb myself up and start a small travelogue of the newbie places on the Second Life grid. I’ve never visited most of these places, and I wanted to see what they were like, what kind of surroundings the average newbie would find themselves in when they leave Help Island and take their very first teleport to a Mainland Infohub.

The first Infohub you land at after leaving Help Island (assuming this is how you reach the Mainland; some people have friends already in SL who will send them a teleport offer to wherever they are) will automatically be set as your Home location (you can always change it later). This means, if you open up your Map and click the ‘Home’ button, or you use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+H, that’s where you’ll land. So when you click that “Ready to start your Second Life?” big sign on Help Island, click it a lot of times, until you have a choice of locations!

Perhaps with these little travelogues, I can give newbies an idea of which locations they think they might like the best. I’ll begin with the Infohubs that are found in the Help Island signs, then I’ll move on to the resident-run orientation places, and other newbie places such as NCI and The Shelter.

So where do we start? Alphabetically would be a good idea, which means we begin with the Ahern Infohub and Welcome Area:

Hop behind the cut for pics and info.

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