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Tutorial: Make your own Landmarks HUD

A while back, I made an inventory-management post in which I urged you to chuck out all of your old landmarks. At the beginning of that post I tried to find some free or cheap landmark HUDs that would hold the LMs you wanted to keep, because while storing them in notecards is an excellent idea it can take a while to dig out the relevant notecard, find the relevant LM inside it, click to open the window, and then finally teleport there.

Today, thanks to a fabby free landmark-giver script that I’ve found, I can give you this tutorial to make your own Landmarks HUD. It’s not the most perfect thing, nor will it rival any of the paid-for HUDs that are out there. The menu buttons where your landmarks are filed will not, for instance, be in alphabetical order (or, indeed, even in the same place each time you open it) but it’s free, and if you don’t want to fork over several hundred L$ for a professional HUD then it’s a good enough alternative!

Hop behind the cut for the tutorial :)

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December 8, 2010 Posted by | scripts, second life, tutorials | 4 Comments

Useful stuff: the ‘scrubber’ script

One of the most useful scripts you can have in your inventory is a scrubber script. This is a script that will remove all effects from any prim that it’s dropped into, from particles (including bling) to hovering text and texture animations. You might notice that, even if you remove the original scripts that created these effects, the effects still linger. A scrubber script will remove all of them.

Hop behind the cut for a scrubber script you can make yourself!

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November 27, 2010 Posted by | scripts, second life | 1 Comment