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L$60 closing sale on womenswear at Aitui

Aitui will soon no longer be selling womenswear, and at the moment every item of female clothing in the store is set out at L$60. This has been going on for some time, so I suggest you hotfoot it over there pronto if you want to grab a bargain because I’ve no idea when the sale will end. Jesseaitui’s clothing is full of lush, rich colours and well worth a little splurge. Their hair also seems to be on sale (I cammed into the hair store and noticed the styles were set to L$75 each instead of the usual prices, so check those out, too!)

Mar’s bought a few items to showcase here, but no item listing. Hop on over yourself to check out the goods!

Hop behind the cut for more!

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Whopping L$5 sale at Imani!

Thanks to Emma at Emma’s SL Style Bargains for the headsup to this fabulous sale at Imani. Everything in the store, from clothing to accessories to eyes, is just L$5. Yep, you read that right: the whole store is on sale. I’ve no idea how long it’ll last, so leg it over there and grab some bargains!

Mar snagged a handful of items to showcase here. These are just examples of all the colours available. Most items are to be had in at least half a dozen shades, with discounts on fatpacks, too!

Hop behind the cut for more!

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Home Sweet cheap (and free!) Home

Thought I’d bring you something other than fashion and skins today! I was going through some group notices when I spotted that the Gentlemen Bastards have extended their ‘Flaming June Fire Sale’ into July, with cheap homes for as little as L$5. I can never resist prices like that, so I hopped over to their store to check it out.

When I got there, I noticed the Midnight Mania board first of all, and this is something all of you Lara Crofts and Indiana Joneses should be running for! It’s a fabby atmospheric Ruined Temple build which would be perfect for roleplay, or even for getting together with some friends in a really different environment. The board will lock down at just 35 clicks, so give it a slap!

Hop behind the cut to see what else I found!

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Pretty it up

EDIT: The Dressing Room items featured in this post have now GONE. See this post for some items from the new collection.

Let’s get glamorous, girls. Today I’m going to blog about some cheap stuff, and about some stuff that’s a teeny bit over the blog’s L$50 remit, but which is worth getting. Today Mar visited four places: The Dressing Room, the new Dressing Room Blue, the Beauty Avatar/Glam Affair Discount section, and FabFree. What did she get? A ton of lovely stuff, from dresses and pantsuits, to free and cheap skins from big-name designers. (And boys, this post isn’t just for girls. Although I’ve only blogged girly stuff, hop behind the cut anyway to get the SLurl for the Glam Affair Discount section, because they have a LOT of male cheapies there, including skins, shapes, and clothing.)

For those who want to know when The Dressing Room changes its designer stock, join the Subscribe-o-matic while you’re there.

Hop behind the cut!

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It’s a freebie Saturday!

Boy, have I got some goodies for you today! You want ballgowns? I got ballgowns. Male hair? Got that too. Hats? Female hair? Eyeballs? Poses? Yup. The cutest shoes and summer dress ever? Check!

I’m kicking this post off with those cute shoes and that lovely summer dress. Kungler’s May group gift (L$50 to join group) is this lovely silky dress, which Mar has teamed with Baby Monkey’s latest group gift in-store (free to join group), the oh-so-pretty Mimi Sparrow Pumps. A warm welcome back to Pixieplumb from me, too :)

Note: you probably want to move fast for the Kunglers gift. I forgot to check when it leaves group notices before I logged off, but as it’s the May gift and May is almost over chances are it’ll vanish pretty soon.

Hop behind the cut for more fab goodies!

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50% – 75% sale on at Sn@tch all weekend

There is a 50% – 75% sale on at Sn@tch all weekend, until the end of Monday. Everything except the New Releases wall is on sale, including all menswear at 50% off and more.

Some of you may think that Sn@tch only does punky, gothy, slutty kinds of clothing. Well I’m here to show you that’s not the case. Ivey has been branching out for a long time, making some elegant clothing, and lovely summery outfits and separates. It’s well worth your while hopping over to Sn@tch this weekend to check out the sale items. You can also use gift cards from the Sn@tch store, to get even more off.

Mar spent L$472, which might seem like a lot for me to be blogging about, but what she bought was the following:

Peepshow Tops – eight colours for L$125 (that’s just over L$15 per top)
Sassy Cord Skirts – six colours for L$100 (that’s just over L$16 per skirt)
Wednesday Skirts – six colours for L$112 (that’s just over L$18 per skirt)
Wicked Winter Leather Pants – eight colours for L$135 (that’s L$17 per pair)

When she shopped she had an eye on colours, and picked the tops first, then found skirts and pants in colours that she could wear with the tops. That means she can mix and match all over the place! Hop behind the cut for a few ideas she put together with those items.

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New Year Glamour

The seasonal SL social whirl isn’t over yet! New Year’s Eve is almost upon us, with party invitations popping into inventories everywhere. Mar’s rummaged out four party frocks for the celebrations: three short n’ flirty ones, and one with a bit more glamour. Stockists are at the end of the post.

We start with yet more items being added to the 10L$ sale at Pixeldolls. Starting with very short n’ flirty, Mar grabbed this Ghost dress in the beautiful ‘ocean’ shade:

Hop behind the cut for more.

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30L$ sale at GL Designs

There’s currently a 30L$ sale on at GL Designs. 90% of the store’s stock has been reduced to 30L$, but it’s a limited-time offer. Mar grabbed a ton of gorgeous outfits, some of which she’s modelling below:

Many of the 30L$ bargains include fatpacks of tops, so make sure you run over to check them out.

There are lucky boards and chairs galore in the store, plus if you join the group there’s a bundle of freebie outfits on the same wall as the luckies. Go see what you can grab for a bargain!

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Huge ‘closing out’ sale at BWH and HoH

No, they’re not closing completely, but Bewitched Hair and House of Heart are having what they call “a closing out sale of sorts”, and you need to get there fast if you have favourite styles from either place. Why? Because the House of Heart textures will no longer be used, the tipped colours are going the same way, and half of the combined hair inventories of both houses will be gone. This is a big sale, with everything 70% off.

Guys, don’t forget this sale includes male hair, too. Don’t ignore this post, thinking it’s for the girls only!

Now, the prices fall just outside of my usual maximum 50L$ remit for this blog, but these are two large hair stores and I know a lot of my readers like to shop there. So here are the prices in the sale:

HoH regular packs-59L
HoH double packs-87L
HoH kit & kaboodle packs-175L

BWH regular packs-53L
BHW everything packs-150L

HoH is also doing a massive clearance where you can pick up all the styles in one section for 85% off. The example given in the notecard is: Pick up all the styles in the up-do’s section of HoH (23 in all), in all the colors (60-85 in all) for 2415L which is 85% off the regular price.

So, if you’re a BWH or HoH afficionado and you want to stock up on your favourite styles in your favourite colours, head to the stores as soon as you can. I don’t know when this sale ends, so be quick!

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Chai Skins – Retirement Sale

Yep, you read that right. MOAR skins on sale! This time it’s the gorgeous, velvety skins made by Chai. It’s the original line of skins that are being retired, and the sale ends this Sunday (July 26th) so hurry! The skin packs are 25L$ each, and in each pack you get: freckled and unfreckled skins, and tintable brows. Some packs also come with a lighting rig, others with a manicure.

Mar’s going to hop back there and grab some more, because these are such beautiful, lush skins.

Here’s a pic of just a few of them, in one of the tones (lots more skintones available) :

When you land at Chai, click the door in front of you (check above it, to make sure the floating text says it’s the Chai Outlet) and you’ll be zoomed up into the sale area.

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