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New lucky dip at Sn@tch!

Oh my God, the place is packed, so expect it to take 20 minutes to rez, but there’s some great new stuff at Sn@tch. Since it’s so busy right now, make sure you grab the item in the RiotVendor: its lowest price is just 50L$. Pop’s Lil Firecracker is a great full outfit set, with two teeny denim skirts, and five tanks on both underwear and jacket layer. I’ve modelled just one possibility in the pic below.

While you’re there, though, check out the new PEZ lucky dip! You can’t miss it: it’s the giant bowl of PEZ sitting in the main store section. Just right-click it and choose to lucky dip. Your avatar will go through a rummaging animation, and then you just wait and see what you come up with. It might be a booby prize (check those out, because from the booby prizes I heard others getting, they weren’t exactly crappy) BUT if you’re lucky like me, you might grab something brilliant. I got this fab pair of Sn@tch ‘Lust pumps’, worn below with the Pops Lil Firecracker outfit.

Give it a go!

February 28, 2009 Posted by | riotvendors, second life | Leave a comment