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New picks reward gift at Adam n Eve

Once again providing great content for all, Adam n Eve have a new picks reward gift. Head to the Adam n Eve store, and add them to your picks. If you’re not sure how to do this, here’s a quick guide:

Once you’re at the store, either right-click on yourself and select ‘Profile’ from the pie menu, or go into your Second Life viewer’s Edit menu and select ‘Profile’. Go to the Picks tab, and click the ‘New’ button. A new pick will be created for the Adam n Eve store. Just click the OK button and you’re good to go. (EDIT: Make sure you have the ‘show in search’ button checked on your profile, otherwise the picks reward gift system won’t be able to find you and check that you have the location set in your picks!)

Now the hard bit: patience ;) Wait a couple of days (48 hours is what the blog suggests), then return to the store. Go to the big sign in the very middle, and click the Pick Reward Box that I’ve arrowed in this picture:

In a few seconds, you should be given a folder containing a box which you will need to unpack. What’s inside? Well, treats for the girls and the guys (and boys, you’re spoiled for great footwear lately, because there’s a fab pair of shoes inside for you!)

First up, there’s hair for the ladies. This hair is awesome (although, comparing it with the piccy on the AnE blog, I think I missed that little fluffy bit at the front, so I need to edit mine a wee bit). If, like me, you have long hair in real life, this is going to look so realistic to you. It moves beautifully, isn’t ‘floufy’ like some hair, and just looks amazing:

Guys, your pick reward is this great pair of brown shoes. Gorgeous texturing and great sculpt work!

Adam n Eve change their pick rewards on a regular basis, so it’s worth joining their update group to keep abreast of when the new rewards are out. It’s also a great group for random natterings and fun chat ;) If you’re maxed out on group slots, then add the Adam n Eve blog to your RSS reader of choice, because the new rewards are also announced in there.

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