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Group gifts from Ivalde, Sn@tch, Exodi, and Baby Monkey, plus a Newbie Special from Ivalde

I’m cramming a lot into today’s post, peeps. Four group gifts, plus a very special newbie offer for female avatars less than 30 days old.

First up, let’s try and hurry Summer up with Exodi’s fabulous bikini and capris gifty! Exodi’s group costs 250L to join, and the gifts range from full skin packs to eyes to clothing. This group is a keeper, if you have some money to spare to join. Mar has teamed the Exodi gift with the new group gift from Baby Monkey (free to join) – the colour-change Kroko Pumps:

Hop behind the cut for the other gifts, and the newbie offer!

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Chirping at the Gnubies

Silent Sparrow’s offerings at The Gnubie Store have been changed around. This time, hyasynth is giving away two gorgeous outfits, with both male and female sections. The first is called Ember and it’s a lovely rust and black set of pieces, including items from her ‘Dominion’, ‘Entropy’, ‘Sweeney’, ‘Cygne’ and ‘Sprocket’ designs. You get both male and female outfits in this one.

First up is the unisex part of Ember, which comes in both male and female sizes:

Secondly, the rest of Ember (and guys, you can still wear the shirt in the left pic here) –

The second outfit is called Rosey and combines pieces from hya’s ‘Epona’, ‘Moonchild’, ‘Nemu’ and ‘Thorns’ outfits. Again, parts of it are unisex, so guys, why not dare to wear a bit of hot, lush, dark pink? ;)

You’ll find the items up the stairs in the store. Just click the boards for your goodies :)

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Newbie Notes: Nervous newbie? Be a Tiny!

Maybe you’ve just decided to check out this Second Life thing, but you’re wary of all the bad stuff you’ve heard about it. You know: the tabloid stories about sex, real life divorces, paedophiles, sex and more sex. But nonetheless, you’ve seen some pictures of Second Life, it looks pretty cool (apart from all that nasty stuff you heard about) and you want to check it out. But you’re kind of nervous about all that nasty stuff.

Or maybe you’re a bit of a loner, you’re not into socialising. You just want to explore without having people randomly saying ‘Hi! Where are you from? What’s your real name and what do you do?” to you.

Or maybe… maybe you just want to be different.

What’s the solution? (Apart from not believing all the tabloid rumours, most of which were only written to sell more newspapers…)

Be a Tiny :)

What’s a Tiny? Well, a Tiny is a very small avatar, and usually pretty cute, too. Tinies don’t get hit on, nobody will proposition them for sex, Bloodlines vampires are very unlikely to offer to bite them (the animation for an adult vampire isn’t going to work on an itty bitty tiny), and best of all? They feel safe. And in a world where you might not feel completely at ease, safety – even if it’s only a sensation of safety – is important.

So hop behind the cut, and I’ll show you where you can find some free Tiny avatars.

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Free newbie AO at Long Awkward Pose

UPDATE: Long Awkward Pose has moved. I’ve edited the post to change the landmark for the freebie AO. You’ll need to walk inside the store and find the reception desk. The AOs are on either side of it, on the desk base itself.

Hi, guys! Long Awkward Pose [LAP] has a fabulous freebie AO (animation overrider) for avatars that are 30 days old (or less). There’s both a male and female AO, and even though I can’t snag them (being an oldbie and all that) the pictures on the ads show that they’re excellent AOs. The poses look subtle (not overdone or exaggerated) and you get a lot of poses packaged in each AO:

Just touch the relevant board for your avatar gender, and if you’re 30 days old or younger, you’ll receive the AO.

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Updated newbie skins from Fleur – available to all!

While I was in-world, tearing down my home (*snif*) I received a group chat notice from Fleur Skins. They have retired their old newbie freebie skin set for ladies and released a whole new set! Head to Fleur Skins and walk inside the store. Just inside the door, on both your left and right, you’ll see this sign:

The package is available to anyone now, regardless of their avatar’s age, and it’s a lovely pack of six skins with great evening makeup. You also get a free shape, and three demos of Fleur’s other skins (although SL was acting up when I was trying the skins on. The demos gave me database error messages, and the freebie skins I tried on were so slow to rez that I could have made a cup of tea between each one. *kicks SL*)

Hop behind the cut for previews of five of the six skins (yes, sure enough I managed to miss taking a pic of one…)

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Silent Sparrow: New newbie freebies and lucky chair suite

I was at Silent Sparrow this morning to try and get hya’s new lucky chair suite, called ‘Pumpkins’, and I got lucky! This is yet another gorgeous unisex suite, so guys you should try your luck as well!

EDIT: The lucky chair at Silent Sparrow is now GROUP ONLY. To join the group, head to the reception desk near the landing point, and click the blue group invite logo on the wall above it. You may have to wait a day or so for your invite to come through (when I joined, I wasn’t automatically added) but once you’re a group member, enable your ~twittery bird~ tag, then go and stand by the chair to wait for your letter to come up.

There are also some new newbie freebies in the pool. You can only grab these if your avatar is less than 30 days old, so I couldn’t get them to show them modelled on Mar. But I took screenshots of the box, so you can see what you’ll get. It’s a great four-set pack of hya’s lovely hand-drawn gothic clothes, and well worth getting:

When you land in Silent Sparrow, wait for it to rez, then walk through to the centre of the store. The newbie freebie will be sitting just above the water in the pool. Then, head to your right, in the direction of all the green dots you can see on your mini-map. That’ll be the location of the lucky chair.

The lucky chair crowd was a fun one this morning, groaning as three G’s came up in succession, urging the two G people there to sit again and bump the chair, teleporting in friends (and even alts!) to bump the chair along. I hope everyone eventually got the prize, because it’s absolutely gorgeous:

As you can see, the boys are catered for with a beautiful feathered and belted coat (looks just as good on the ladies; it’s my new outfit of choice for a while!) and the girls get an extra bonus of cute shorts, top and stockings.

A few more pictures behind the cut.

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Newbie freebies: Would you Adam n Eve it?

Part 1 in a series of ‘newbie freebies’ this post and those that follow it in the series will highlight the great newbie freebies that designers give out. These are usually given to avatars under 30 days old, so you have to hurry!

First up, we hit Adam n Eve. You might recognise the name, because they are behind a few of the default avatars in your Library folder.

UPDATE (19 Dec 2008) – PLEASE READ!

Adam n Eve have discontinued many of the newbie freebies in favour of a customer loyalty card (which, when you obtain it, comes pre-loaded with 200L$ of loyalty points). Please see this post on their blog for further info, and this post for their reasoning behind the move. With 10 loyalty points already on the card, and some of their fabulously well-made shoes only costing the equivalent of 11 points, it’s still a great offer, and I completely understand that offering the newbie freebie on the shoes created a lot of administration work behind the scenes for Damen and Sachi.

Much of the free clothing is still available in the store, though :)

ALSO! There is a new picks reward gift instore, so if you have Adam n Eve in your picks, head to the store and click the picks reward sign. Two free skins: one male and one female! The picks reward will be in the board for one month and then it will change again.

Adam n Eve have a great Noobie Freebie in their shoes section. They also have other newbie freebies (a free male and female skin), free fatpack of ladies hair, free lingerie, a free long gown and a free short dress, and a great ‘picks’ offer that anyone can take advantage of, not just newbies.

If you’d like to see the quality of what’s you could get, take a look at this screenshot of Adam n Eve’s Serpenti shoes. (I just bought two pairs at full-price, because they’re so gorgeous!)

Here’s your limo – – now let’s head off to do some shopping!

OK, hop behind the cut for more info.

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