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Midnight Gold at Pixeldolls

Ladies, leg it over to Pixeldolls‘ mainstore and slap the Midnight Mania board. It will lock down at 125 clicks (almost 40 already on it, at 5:30am PDT today) and inside it you’ll find this gorgeous golden Brocade sweater with long, floaty sleeves. It comes with a slouch collar (shown here) and a pointy collar, and the texturing, with all the little buttons, is exquisite. Mar’s teamed it with a new release from Sn@tch (L$275 per fatpack) – the Fangbanger Velvet Pants, and Kalnins’ Rhapsody shoes (definitely not free; sorry!)

This is a lovely item to have in your SL wardrobe as autumn approaches :)

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Home Sweet cheap (and free!) Home

Thought I’d bring you something other than fashion and skins today! I was going through some group notices when I spotted that the Gentlemen Bastards have extended their ‘Flaming June Fire Sale’ into July, with cheap homes for as little as L$5. I can never resist prices like that, so I hopped over to their store to check it out.

When I got there, I noticed the Midnight Mania board first of all, and this is something all of you Lara Crofts and Indiana Joneses should be running for! It’s a fabby atmospheric Ruined Temple build which would be perfect for roleplay, or even for getting together with some friends in a really different environment. The board will lock down at just 35 clicks, so give it a slap!

Hop behind the cut to see what else I found!

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A free skin, shape, and eyes for just 25 clicks? What are you waiting for?

Hello, my lovelies :)

There’s a lovely free Lyra skin, shape, and eyes going for a song – well, for just 25 slaps – on the Midnight Mania board at Ibanez. When I arrived a few moments ago the board had a criminal zero number of clicks on it! I was number one, so let’s get that board moving over the next couple of days. Here’s a teaser:

There are also a free set of eyes and a pair of free dragonfly wings just inside the store, so hop on over to get them and give the board a slap while you’re there!

Full picture (includes nudity, so it’s not safe for work!) is behind the cut :)

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Newbie Notes: Something for nothing

Well that’s the whole ethos of the Freebiesphere, I know, but there are many great ways of getting something for nothing in SL. Two of my favourites are Lucky Chairs (and, by extension, Lucky Boards) and Midnight Mania/Madness boards. For those new to SL, the workings of these things may be a bit puzzling (see my previous Q&A post where someone arrived at my blog on a search engine query ‘how to sit down and win in Second Life’) so here’s a quick tutorial about how these prize items work.

Hop behind the cut!

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Memoirs of a Secret Geisha Boy

I spotted this lovely Midnight Mania prize on another blog (Chic at Phil’s Place – she’s on my blogroll, and a great freebie blogger; check her out daily!) and I hopped over to slap the board at The Gentlemen Bastards. While I was there, I found other goodies, including a lucky chair and a lucky board containing a beautiful and unusual gift: a geisha boy skin and outfit. I stuck around, the board went onto a wildcard, and I got it. It works best with a delicate male shape, and I knew just where to get one, so more lucky board hanging-around was required, at Den-Dou (go downstairs and look up above the archway) to get their sweet ‘Shiro’ shape.

Hop behind the cut for more pics!

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Pretty as a Pink Lotus

Pink Lotus have some oh-so-pretty top and jeans sets upstairs in their store, for just 15L$ per set. This is the one Mar bought:

You can also find the shoes for 1L$ upstairs, plus a pile of other gorgeous dollarbies, lucky boards, AND a Midnight Mania board. What are you waiting for?

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Midnight Monkeys

There are new (to me) Midnight Mania boards at Baby Monkey! On a wander around the Monkey Mall, I found a board containing a fabulous sculpted satchel with holding pose (direct SLurl) –

And one with a lovely set of jewellery (direct SLurl) –

As well as the shoe board that I’ve already blogged, which currently contains a cute pair of buckled flats (you’ll find that upstairs from the landing point) –

Go and give ’em all a tap!

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Gettin’ primmy wid it!

Further to yesterday prim-toed shoe post, a call went out to alert a group I’m in of a current Subscribomatic-joining gift of free prim-toed shoes with tintable feet. Head over to Heart & Sole (you’ll be dropped at a landing point, so follow the arrow South toward the red beam in order to find the store) and hit up the subscribomatic just inside the door. The joining gift for April (so hurry up; it won’t be there much longer!) is this lovely pale pink pair of ‘Breezy’ shoes:

More prim-toed goodness when you hop behind the cut!

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Honey Honey Monkey Monkey!

There’s a new group gift over at the lovely little Honey Honey store. Search groups for Honey Honey and join, then with your group tag activated, go to the store and click the group gift panel to receive a cute non-flexi hairstyle. (Note: It’s made to fit a smallish-headed avatar, so you’ll need to hop on a posestand and do some stretching and adjusting.)

While you’re there, check out the rest of the store (it’s on two levels). Prices are great, the items on sale are fabulous quality, and there are more ultra-cheapies and freebies in the area where the group gift is.

Here’s Mar, modelling the hair gift. She’s teamed it with a dress from Honey Honey: the Jumperskirt in dark blue denim, which cost just 30L$:

The wooden jewellery is also by Honey Honey, although I bought that a while ago and can’t remember how much it was! If I recall correctly, it was in the same price range as the dress, so that’s amazing value.

And the shoes. Ahh, the grid is going nuts for prim-toed shoes. Stiletto Moody’s started it with massively expensive versions, then J’s followed up with cheaper ones. Now, Pixieplumb Flanagan has created her ‘Ultimate’ range at Baby Monkey, which features a very easy-to-use customisation HUD that allows you to change the skintone of the prim feet to match your own skintone (read the notecard enclosed for a nifty trick with your viewer that shows you the exact colour under your cursor) via chat commands, as well as your toenail polish colour and the toe ring. These shoes are the current group gift, and they’re also in the lucky chair on the ground floor of the store (and if you head upstairs you’ll find a pair in the Midnight Mania board, too, so give that a tap!) –

Be aware that these shoes require the new Second Life viewer, since they’re made from mirrored sculpts, which don’t work very well for those using older viewers or third party viewers.

Poses are by Elisa, who has a lovely new ‘Casual’ set out (6 poses for 50L$), and is giving away a group-only extra pose from the set.

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Daisy, Daisy, gimme yer answer, do!

I’m half crazy, all for Baby Monkey shoes…

This is a real quickie, because I’m still standing in Baby Monkey, stalking the lucky chairs. Hidden somewhere in the store (it’s reeeeeally easy to spot!) is a little white daisy. The daisy is free to buy and inside it is this cute pair of ‘Celeste’ daisy shoes (screencap taken while I’m hanging around in the store *g*) –

While you’re here looking for that, fly up to the NW upstairs corner of the store and give the Midnight Mania board a tap, because there’s a fab pair of shoes in it. Better hurry, though. It had 25 clicks when I screencapped it, and already as I type up this post it’s reached 28 clicks. 100 clicks will put it in lockdown, and everyone who got there before that time will receive a pair of the shoes:

That not enough shoes for you? Hop behind the cut for more freebies from Baby Monkey, and from 50 Flats!

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