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The Dressing Room ~ July Week 01

It’s already time for a new collection of discounted designer items at The Dressing Room! This week we have shapes, two lots of skins, the usual amazing clothing and accessories, and something for the guys. I also have for you a limited-time offer on a fabby pair of boots with built-in AO, and a ton of great freebie hair.

Hop behind the cut!

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Group Gift Bonanza

Two gorgeous new skin gifts and a fabby double manicure gift can be found in group notices. But for one of those you are going to have to put your running shoes on! My in-world time has been so rare of late that I only just grabbed the skin gifts in time, so if you’ve not seen them when they’ve been blogged elsewhere, consider this your last call!

Belleza’s new Elle skin leaves group notices TOMORROW. That’s right, ladies; you have today and maybe part of tomorrow (I’m not sure at exactly which moment in time a group notice vanishes; whether it’s exactly two weeks to the hour after posting, or at the end of the final day of that two weeks. If it’s the latter you may have until Midnight on Sunday, but don’t count your scripted chickens, or, um, bunnies. Or whatever it is now…). Four skins in total with various cleavage and freckle options.

Note: There is a L$250 join fee for the Belleza group, but this is far less than the cost of a skin from the store.

Hop behind the cut for another skin and the manicures :)

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