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You SHALL go to the ball!

Hey there, Cinderella. Got a ball to go to and you’re still in your newbie rags? Join the Dany French Touch and Leyda Style group (join fee just L$1) and check group notices for the September group gift for men and women. Guys, you get a smart silky shirt and pants, and ladies you get this gorgeous blue gown:

The skin is from the free set of Kalista skins at Tuli‘s mainstore (you can also find the free pack of Gem eyes there. Mar is wearing the sapphire shade here). Head into the big tree and you’ll find them on the stump just inside. The hair is from the free Susan fatpack by Exile at Savoir Hair, and the jewellery is the Ex Stripper set, to be found in the lucky board on the top floor at Ticky Tacky. You can also find the dress for L$1 in the Dany French Touch store. If you need heels, try the Ocean colour of stilettos from Tesla’s free Jane fatpack on XstreetSL.

Just L$1 and you can go to the ball!

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Newbie Notes: Something for nothing

Well that’s the whole ethos of the Freebiesphere, I know, but there are many great ways of getting something for nothing in SL. Two of my favourites are Lucky Chairs (and, by extension, Lucky Boards) and Midnight Mania/Madness boards. For those new to SL, the workings of these things may be a bit puzzling (see my previous Q&A post where someone arrived at my blog on a search engine query ‘how to sit down and win in Second Life’) so here’s a quick tutorial about how these prize items work.

Hop behind the cut!

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He was a sk8r boi

Well, guys, summer may almost be over for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, but in SL there are sunny beaches all year round. And for you grunge and sk8r lovers, I have found a fab lucky board and a new store that sells stuff just up your halfpipe (as it were).

Head on over to Beggars Day, and haunt their lucky board to see if you can win this cute Sienna Calico Dress and Holey Leotards (the ‘& not’ bit means there’s a non-holey pair included). I’m reliably informed that the board is set to ‘easy’ and wildcards are plentiful. My kind of board!

Mar’s hair in this pic is from Philotic Energy, and her shoes are from House of Curios.

That’s not all, though. There’s a freebie in the store for guys, and there will be a secret sale, starting at 11:59 SLT tonight (Friday October 16th) and running all weekend until 11:59 Sunday October 18th. There will be freebies, dollarbies and discounted items, and the whole store (the whole thing!) will be available to buy for 300L$. Just look for the flaming box next to the dollarbie wall. Make sure you join the subscribe-o-matic, too, because new clothing will be coming out after the sale.

OK, a few piccies of what’s in the store behind the cut. All you sk8r bois and grrls out there, hop behind and follow me!

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Memoirs of a Secret Geisha Boy

I spotted this lovely Midnight Mania prize on another blog (Chic at Phil’s Place – she’s on my blogroll, and a great freebie blogger; check her out daily!) and I hopped over to slap the board at The Gentlemen Bastards. While I was there, I found other goodies, including a lucky chair and a lucky board containing a beautiful and unusual gift: a geisha boy skin and outfit. I stuck around, the board went onto a wildcard, and I got it. It works best with a delicate male shape, and I knew just where to get one, so more lucky board hanging-around was required, at Den-Dou (go downstairs and look up above the archway) to get their sweet ‘Shiro’ shape.

Hop behind the cut for more pics!

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Pretty as a Pink Lotus

Pink Lotus have some oh-so-pretty top and jeans sets upstairs in their store, for just 15L$ per set. This is the one Mar bought:

You can also find the shoes for 1L$ upstairs, plus a pile of other gorgeous dollarbies, lucky boards, AND a Midnight Mania board. What are you waiting for?

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Rockberry’s lucky boards and Waka & Yuki free hair

Five minutes of stalking the lucky boards and lucky chair at Rockberry paid off for Mar. The boards turned over onto ‘M’ twice, and she got these two lovely skins:

Walk to the back of the Rockberry store, then turn around to face the front, and you’ll see the boards and chair:

The hair comes from the freebie and dollarbie stall that Waka & Yuki have outside the Peppermint Blue Free Store. Take the blue TP pads up to the store, then turn right and head to the first market stall that you see:

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Daisy, Daisy, gimme yer answer, do!

I’m half crazy, all for Baby Monkey shoes…

This is a real quickie, because I’m still standing in Baby Monkey, stalking the lucky chairs. Hidden somewhere in the store (it’s reeeeeally easy to spot!) is a little white daisy. The daisy is free to buy and inside it is this cute pair of ‘Celeste’ daisy shoes (screencap taken while I’m hanging around in the store *g*) –

While you’re here looking for that, fly up to the NW upstairs corner of the store and give the Midnight Mania board a tap, because there’s a fab pair of shoes in it. Better hurry, though. It had 25 clicks when I screencapped it, and already as I type up this post it’s reached 28 clicks. 100 clicks will put it in lockdown, and everyone who got there before that time will receive a pair of the shoes:

That not enough shoes for you? Hop behind the cut for more freebies from Baby Monkey, and from 50 Flats!

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New weekly gift and lucky board at Sn@tch

There’s a new weekly freebie gift (follow the beeeeeam!) at Sn@tch: a gorgeous short purple silk cocktail dress:

You get the dress and the purple tights in the gift. Like the shoes? They’re from the Lucky Board at Sn@tch (hunt around in the main lobby for it *g*). When I was there, the wildcards were generous, and I got three items on them, with a total full sale value of 800L$ – can’t beat that for value!

Hop behind the cut for pics of the items I won (and yes, fellas, there’s at least one outfit for you in there, so join the girls in some lucky board stalking!)

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