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Cross-posting: The Snow Queen

Hi peeps. Just to let you know there’s a new post at the new SL for Nowt blog: The Snow Queen. In it you’ll find gorgeous gifty skins from Curio, some lovely new stuff from The Dressing Room Blue, plus free hair/hat/scarf combos for men and women from Amacci.

If you’ve not done so already, please remember to change your bookmarks and/or RSS feeds so that you can read directly from the new SL for Nowt blog.

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A 24-hour winter warmer

Hi peeps! I’ve been away from my computer for a few days, but I’ve come back with a lovely, limited-time cheapie for you to snag. The Domicile store @ Gentleman Bastards will be selling their fully-furnished Autumn Skybox for just L$50 for 24 hours. The sale starts at 12 noon SLT today (Saturday November 27th) and continues until 12 noon SLT tomorrow (Sunday November 28th). After that the price will return to L$500, so if you can grab it during the sale time you’ll be getting a whopping discount!

Hop behind the cut for more info and pics :)

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Sn@tch up a bargain!

Until tomorrow evening (Thursday November 4th) these two gorgeous Velvet Drape Dresses are available in a single pack at Sn@tch, for just L$69. Look on the easel just inside the lobby of the store for them. You’ll get a rose dress and a brown dress in the pack.

Mar’s sunglasses in both pics are from a sim whose name I’m not even going to try to spell ;) Hop over there and look on the catwalk and floor for three rezzed pairs of sunglasses. They’re freebies, and great quality! Guys, one of the pairs are vintage Wayfarers, so there’s something for you there, too!

Hop behind the cut for a pic of the other dress and one more pair of sunnies :)

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Keep elegantly warm with Gabriel

Gabriel have a limited time offer on a beautiful fur stole and gloves set. The gloves come in both short and long versions, and the whole set is available for just L$1. You can only find this at the SuperELITE Japan Fashion Week location. You’ll need to be wearing a flight feather or flight assist to get up there (it’s at over 3000m) and may need to take the teleport twice (I did!) If you land closer to the ground, just take the teleport again and you should be up at the location.

The offer is available until 6th November only.

Mar’s dress is L$10 from the Glam Affair/Beauty Avatar Couture Discount Room, her hair is from the Amacci freebie wall, and her shoes are (very not free!) from Kalnins.

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L$1 closing sale at [AV]

I’m so sad to blog about yet another great designer leaving SL. Adreahna Vlodovic is closing [AV] and has thus marked down the entire store at L$1 per item. There’s a tonne of stuff here (lovers of vintagewear will be in heaven), and everything is just one Linden dollar. No pics; just get your pixel butts over to the store.

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L$10 male skins at Pixeldolls – today only!

Here’s a quickie for the boys (oh, get your minds out of the gutter!) Pixeldolls has a very limited sale on this weekend only (so today – Sunday Oct 24th – is your only chance to get these) and included in that sale are male skins for just L$10. You’ll get five skins in each pack: the same tone but with five different body hair options. There are free demos under each pack for you to try out first (but for goodness’ sake no getting naked in the store, okay? It’s a PG sim! Take your shirt off, by all means, but no crown jewels!)

Here’s a snap of the skins wall:

And here’s your limo. You’ll probably land in the middle of the store, so head South to find the small sale area.

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New at The Dressing Room Blue

Yes, it’s that time again: a new collection of designer cheapies at The Dressing Room Blue. Mar snagged some items to showcase for you :)

Hop behind the cut!

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L$60 closing sale on womenswear at Aitui

Aitui will soon no longer be selling womenswear, and at the moment every item of female clothing in the store is set out at L$60. This has been going on for some time, so I suggest you hotfoot it over there pronto if you want to grab a bargain because I’ve no idea when the sale will end. Jesseaitui’s clothing is full of lush, rich colours and well worth a little splurge. Their hair also seems to be on sale (I cammed into the hair store and noticed the styles were set to L$75 each instead of the usual prices, so check those out, too!)

Mar’s bought a few items to showcase here, but no item listing. Hop on over yourself to check out the goods!

Hop behind the cut for more!

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Flex your mouse-hovering muscles!

To celebrate their second SL anniversary, Tyranny Designs is holding a L$0 secret sale at its stores in Bazaar of Gor and Atomic Island. At each location there are 12 items marked down to L$0, until September 1st. All you have to do is hover your mouse over each ad board (Make sure you have View > Tooltips checked in your viewer!) to find the freebies. I’m not going to give them all away, but here are just a few of the lovely items to be found for zero pennies. You’ll find both fantasy and contemporary clothing at both stores (and make sure you check all of the ads at both stores; some items are full-priced at one store but free at the other!)

This low-rise skirt is very low-rise, especially at the back ;)

Mar’s hair in these pics (unless stated) is the freebie Skylynn from Damselfly at Savoir Hair.

Hop behind the cut for more!

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Whopping L$5 sale at Imani!

Thanks to Emma at Emma’s SL Style Bargains for the headsup to this fabulous sale at Imani. Everything in the store, from clothing to accessories to eyes, is just L$5. Yep, you read that right: the whole store is on sale. I’ve no idea how long it’ll last, so leg it over there and grab some bargains!

Mar snagged a handful of items to showcase here. These are just examples of all the colours available. Most items are to be had in at least half a dozen shades, with discounts on fatpacks, too!

Hop behind the cut for more!

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