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It’s getting hairy out there!

Ladies, hie thee to Hairy Situations to pick up their latest FREE new release gifty. You’ll want to be quick, because I don’t think it’s going to be out for long. Look for a rotating box on the central wall. Inside it, you’ll find three styles in both normal and fullbright options. From left to right, as shown below, they are: Roxy (Biscotti), Kelcie (Cherry Tree), and Adena (Grey) –

Also in the store, just to your left is a massive sampler pack containing a total of 33 styles in all of Hairy Situations’ colours, for the measly sum of just L$10. I didn’t have time to blog them all, but the very capable FabFree ladies did. You can find Renee’s post with pictures of all the styles contained in that sampled pack, here :)

Other items in this post: Sorry, gals. Mar’s outfit here is almost entirely non-freebie (she wanted to doll up in pricey stuff for a change!) Her top is from Sn@tch (Lounge Halter) and her necklace is from Rozoregalia (Belial). The earrings, however, are free and she’s blogged them before, here. Her skin is a group-exclusive of Tuli’s Gem line, and is no longer available.

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Three Sunday bargains

Weekends are busy times for me, because that’s when I can log in-world and rummage out some bargains for you. Today I have three beautiful frocks to showcase, plus a new free skin and a fatpack of free hair.

First up is this super-classy new group gift from Kunglers Fashion Design, which includes the necklace. The group has a L$50 join fee (make sure you remain in the group, because if you leave then you’ll have to pay again to re-join) and offers one outfit every month to its members. Mar has teamed it with free hair from the new Exile sample pack Micah in crimson. I’m afraid the shoes are not free (they were a bit of a splurge, for Mar, but they won’t be leaving her feet anytime soon!)

Hope behind the cut for the two other outfits!

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The Aqua Coincidence

Sometimes things just come together beautifully. Mar logged in today to grab this beautiful group gift from LeLutka: the Dini minidress in ‘ocean’ (boys, there’s a gift for you in LeLutka’s group notices, too). A rummage through Baby Monkey’s group notices brought up the Candy Girl pumps (with colour change option; they rezzed in this colour!), and the Surfer bracelets and necklace. Exodi VIP group (250L$ to join) yielded yet another massive pack of skins and eyes: Stephanie ‘Hot Date’. Lastly, a quick trip to Silk Road to check out the new dollarbie hairstyles by Waka & Yuki  – Mar is wearing the #55 hair here.

So, all in all, one complete aqua-coloured outfit came together effortlessly!

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Rozoregalia group gift

Rozoregalia have put out a beautiful group gift in their store: the green Belial earrings. Join the Rozoregalia group and head to the store. Wear your group tag and click the ad on the wall at the back of the store to get them. They’re unisex, so guys you can go for these, too.

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Brisk and businesslike

While Second Life is a playground for many of us, for some of us it is also a business venture, and the kind of fashion that often finds its way to the blogs is not suitable for the more professional virtual existence.

At the moment, the Pixeldolls store is having another 10L$ sale, and Mar found some perfect items for the SL businesswoman there, as well as taking a quick trip to Bare Rose and House of Curios, for another suit and some accessories.

Shoes worn throughout this blogpost (unless stated) are the 10L$ colour-change Chunky Stilettos from House of Curios, and the glasses are the colour-change 50L$ Rectangle Female Glasses, also from House of Curios. Hair is the free fatpack (in all colours) of Berri, by Truth at The Gnubie Store. Stockist locations are at the end of the post.

Here, Mar’s grey suit is Liason SystemDress Noir, from the 10L$ sale at Pixeldolls. Beneath it she’s wearing the Demi Cami Tintable, also in the 10L$ Pixeldolls sale. Stockings are the SLBM Women Socks from the Business Suit at Bare Rose (more on that in a moment).

Hop behind the cut for more business looks, that will take you from boardroom meetings, through Dress Casual Fridays, and right up to cocktails at the hotel bar on those business trips away.

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A very special Christmas gift from Exclusiva

How’s the Christmas shopping coming along? I got all of mine finished a couple of days ago, and by the end of it I felt as though my arms had elongated from the weight of all the bags.

Mar feels pretty much the same, having battled through the crowds at Exclusiva, but it was worth the single dollar she paid.

Hop behind the cut to see the extra-special dollarbie from Exclusiva, in partnership with AtomicBambi and Dryad Designs.

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Arriving in style

She took an overnight flight from Monaco. A quick stop in the plane’s loo to change her top and touch up her make-up, and she’s ready to face the paparazzi.


Pants: Yip’s Black and White Suit – Gnubie Store

Top: Glam Top (Golden) – Vinyl Cafe – limited time offer for a fatpack with jeans

Sunglasses: Milano Shades – Maschienenwerk – Note: the store’s moved again!

Bracelet: Double Metal Bracelet (Copper/Gold) – Miriel @ Gnubie Store

Almost Free

Hair: Katherine – ETD – 1L$ fatpack (take #4 on TP board)

Dirt Cheap!

Suitcase: Brown Suitcase – Magi Take – 10L$

Not Free

Shoes: Lucy Peeptoe (Butterscotch) – Baby Monkey

Earrings: Sissy (Gold/Brown) – Gems & Kisses

Poses by VPoses.

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Jewellery Fair ending tomorrow!

Just a quick update to remind you all that the Jewellery Fair 2009 will end tomorrow (September 27th). So, if you want to mosey over there and check out the sale items (and the freebies) you only have this weekend to get it done!

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Jewellery Fair 2009: List of Freebies, Dollarbies & Cheapies

I’ve just spent the past four hours at the two-sim Jewellery Fair 2009, listing all of the freebies, dollarbies and cheapies to be found. I think I caught them all, although I may have missed one or two as I started to tire towards the end.

Behind the cut you will find the notecarded list that I made as I went along. There are some beautiful creations at the Jewellery Fair, and they cater to all pockets, from the freebie-hunter to the “I’m gonna splurge” shopper (and Mar was both, at certain points!)

The sims are divided into four seasons, with different parcels. I tried to keep an eye on the parcels as I walked through them, so you can tell roughly where you are. It’s a simple build, much like a maze that guides you around, and the stores are on one side only, so there’s no risk of missing some places out.

I don’t have time to take pictures of everything right now, although hopefully I’ll be able to log in over the next couple of days to showcase some of the best items I found. For now, the list is just that: a list. Keep an eye out for your favourite designers, and hopefully you’ll discover some new ones. :)

Find the official blog for the fair at Jewelers of SL.

Hop behind the cut.

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Autumn Changes

*points up to one of her favourite Donna Summer songs*

I love autumn; it’s my favourite month, and I can’t wait for the weather to arrive where I can wear skirts with snuggly sweaters. Not hot enough for tank tops, not cold enough for scarves and thick winter coats; autumn is the snuggly fashion month, and I wanted to put a look together for Mar to wear in SL’s autumn.

First of all, her Belted Cardigan & Striped Tank in sienna are from the fatpack (30L$ for eight colours) at the ETD discount section (take #4 on the TP list just inside the store). While you’re there, look on the central pillar for the fabby fatpack of Barely Cords, at just 1L$ for eight colours – Mar’s wearing the pewter ones in this pic. (If you’re wearing them with these boots, you’ll need to edit appearance and bring the pants leg length up to just below the top of the boot.) The boots are (of course, you know me by now!) House of Curios‘ 40L$ Neo boots (I used the brown colour here), and the hair is Bewitched‘s Gigi in Mahogany, currently on sale for 53L$ per fatpack of seven colours. I finished the look off with Miriel‘s Casual Pearls Earrings & Necklace in copper, and her Double Metal Bracelet in copper/gold, from the big freebie pack at the Gnubie Store. Poses are by Striking Poses.

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