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EDIT: The Dressing Room items featured in this post have now GONE. See this post for some items from the new collection.

Let’s get glamorous, girls. Today I’m going to blog about some cheap stuff, and about some stuff that’s a teeny bit over the blog’s L$50 remit, but which is worth getting. Today Mar visited four places: The Dressing Room, the new Dressing Room Blue, the Beauty Avatar/Glam Affair Discount section, and FabFree. What did she get? A ton of lovely stuff, from dresses and pantsuits, to free and cheap skins from big-name designers. (And boys, this post isn’t just for girls. Although I’ve only blogged girly stuff, hop behind the cut anyway to get the SLurl for the Glam Affair Discount section, because they have a LOT of male cheapies there, including skins, shapes, and clothing.)

For those who want to know when The Dressing Room changes its designer stock, join the Subscribe-o-matic while you’re there.

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Jewellery Fair ending tomorrow!

Just a quick update to remind you all that the Jewellery Fair 2009 will end tomorrow (September 27th). So, if you want to mosey over there and check out the sale items (and the freebies) you only have this weekend to get it done!

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Jewellery Fair 2009: List of Freebies, Dollarbies & Cheapies

I’ve just spent the past four hours at the two-sim Jewellery Fair 2009, listing all of the freebies, dollarbies and cheapies to be found. I think I caught them all, although I may have missed one or two as I started to tire towards the end.

Behind the cut you will find the notecarded list that I made as I went along. There are some beautiful creations at the Jewellery Fair, and they cater to all pockets, from the freebie-hunter to the “I’m gonna splurge” shopper (and Mar was both, at certain points!)

The sims are divided into four seasons, with different parcels. I tried to keep an eye on the parcels as I walked through them, so you can tell roughly where you are. It’s a simple build, much like a maze that guides you around, and the stores are on one side only, so there’s no risk of missing some places out.

I don’t have time to take pictures of everything right now, although hopefully I’ll be able to log in over the next couple of days to showcase some of the best items I found. For now, the list is just that: a list. Keep an eye out for your favourite designers, and hopefully you’ll discover some new ones. :)

Find the official blog for the fair at Jewelers of SL.

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