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Sale, group gifts and other goodies at GL Designs

GL Designs is a great little store that I discovered while on the Twisted Hunt. At the moment, everything in the store is marked down to just 50L$ and one item per day is marked down to just 5L$ until Tuesday 10th March. If you join the GL Designs group, there are no less than six group freebies in the store, plus you’ll also find a lucky chair, Midnight Mania board, and two fun item-camp ‘drink me’ bottles (25 min sit) where you can select the prize you want to win. Mar couldn’t resist the little buckled flats available, so here she is, getting rather soggy. The things we do for nice shoes! ;)

Here’s one of the group freebies: a sexy little dress called ‘Seduction Copper’ –

I’ve teamed it with hair from Bewitched (‘Butterfly’ in nugget), shoes from Baby Monkey (‘Barbara’ thong sandals in gold) and jewellery from House of Heart (Art Deco Pearls in gold).

Hop behind the cut for more pics. And don’t forget to look for the Twisted Hunt box while you’re there. It’ll be out until March 31st, and it’s a red and black Lament Configuration (the puzzle box from Hellraiser).

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