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A 24-hour winter warmer

Hi peeps! I’ve been away from my computer for a few days, but I’ve come back with a lovely, limited-time cheapie for you to snag. The Domicile store @ Gentleman Bastards will be selling their fully-furnished Autumn Skybox for just L$50 for 24 hours. The sale starts at 12 noon SLT today (Saturday November 27th) and continues until 12 noon SLT tomorrow (Sunday November 28th). After that the price will return to L$500, so if you can grab it during the sale time you’ll be getting a whopping discount!

Hop behind the cut for more info and pics :)

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Dia de los Muertos hunt at The Gentlemen Bastards

Spooky freebies are to be had at The Gentlemen Bastards up to and including November 5th. The Dia de los Muertos Hunt is running there until then, featuring skins from RP Box, builds from Domicile, and other creepy items. There are pumpkins scattered all over the place, across the two stores, but only some of them have prizes in them. If you get stuck, click the big pumpkin on the straw bales by the entrance for some hints. A new prize will be put out every day (and the old prizes will remain out, too) until the hunt is over.

Here’s the gift for day 1. It’s a fabulous Baron Samedi skin by RP Box. The outfit that Mar’s cobbled together for it is a mish-mash of all kinds of old things, so I’m afraid I can’t give you locations where to get the items. Sorry about that!

Hop behind the cut for pics of the goodies from days 2 and 3!

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Domicile’s All White!

Domicile has a free White Loft skybox gift out at The Gentlemen Bastards. It’s packaged in a Rez Faux box (simply rez it, click ‘Rez’ from the menu, wait for the building to assemble, then if you need to move it around, move the box and the building will follow it. Once you’re done, click ‘Save’ and you can delete the box) and each window can be adjusted to have the blinds closed, half-open, or fully-open simply by clicking them.

NOTE: The store’s been re-jigged since the last time I was there, so hop behind the cut to find the exact location of the gift, plus info about the furniture Mar’s featured in the pics.

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Home Sweet cheap (and free!) Home

Thought I’d bring you something other than fashion and skins today! I was going through some group notices when I spotted that the Gentlemen Bastards have extended their ‘Flaming June Fire Sale’ into July, with cheap homes for as little as L$5. I can never resist prices like that, so I hopped over to their store to check it out.

When I got there, I noticed the Midnight Mania board first of all, and this is something all of you Lara Crofts and Indiana Joneses should be running for! It’s a fabby atmospheric Ruined Temple build which would be perfect for roleplay, or even for getting together with some friends in a really different environment. The board will lock down at just 35 clicks, so give it a slap!

Hop behind the cut to see what else I found!

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Those Little Questions: All About Skyboxes

Here’s another in my series of questions and answers inspired by the search terms that bring people to this blog. I’ve been pasting all of the questions into a file so that once I have enough I can write up a post, and I noticed that a great many of the search queries concern skyboxes, so that’s what this post is all about.

Hop behind the cut to learn all about skyboxes, including:

What is a skybox?
Where do I get a skybox?
How do I make a skybox?
How do I place/rez a skybox?
How high can I put a skybox?
Where can I get land to place my skybox?
Is a skybox private?
How do I get inside a skybox? There’s no door in mine!

Edited to add new skybox questions:

Can a skybox home be placed on the ground?
How do I get access to my friend’s skybox?
How do I get music in my skybox only?
Can I have a skybox if I own a Linden Home?
Can any house be used as a skybox?
Can I remove furniture from a fully-furnished skybox?
Can I build my skybox on someone else’s land, or on land that’s been abandoned?
Does my landlord own my sky box?

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Memoirs of a Secret Geisha Boy

I spotted this lovely Midnight Mania prize on another blog (Chic at Phil’s Place – she’s on my blogroll, and a great freebie blogger; check her out daily!) and I hopped over to slap the board at The Gentlemen Bastards. While I was there, I found other goodies, including a lucky chair and a lucky board containing a beautiful and unusual gift: a geisha boy skin and outfit. I stuck around, the board went onto a wildcard, and I got it. It works best with a delicate male shape, and I knew just where to get one, so more lucky board hanging-around was required, at Den-Dou (go downstairs and look up above the archway) to get their sweet ‘Shiro’ shape.

Hop behind the cut for more pics!

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