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The new Dressing Room collection is out!

EDIT: The Dressing Room items featured in this post have now GONE. See this post for some items from the new collection.

Mar’s a happy bunny, because the new collection of limited edition, el cheapo-priced designer items has just gone out at The Dressing Room. There’s something for everyone: from fashionistas to homebodies, hair-lovers to shoe-lovers, two items for the guys (and more that are unisex) and yet another stunning skin from Tuli. Some of these prices are above the blog’s usual L$50 remit, but for The Dressing Room I will make exceptions ;)

Here’s a preview of that skin, with one of the gorgeous hairstyles on offer:

Hop behind the cut for more!

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Forum Freebies

I lurk a bit on the official Second Life forums, and have been watching a thread where several store owners have been helping each other out, visiting each other’s stores, giving feedback on layout, ads, location and all kinds of things. It’s a great, positive thread that shows what can happen when people get together and help each other out, so I thought I’d do my bit by posting here about some of the freebies in their stores. Luckily for me, one of the posters has put together a list of everyone’s stores with handy TP links, so it’s easy for me to shuttle around the grid and take a look at everything.

My inventory is heaving and still in need of sorting, so I’ve just taken snapshots of the items in the stores. I hope the store owners don’t mind this, but I’m holding off grabbing any freebies for a bit while I’m unable to get in-world very much at the moment.

There were also more stores than I’ve featured on the list, but I’ve only mentioned the ones that had freebies and/or cheapies, as that’s the whole ethos of this blog.

Having said all that, hop behind the cut for a selection of forum freebies!

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All builded out

*mops brow*

Whew! I’ve been working on this damn castle skybox for about three days now, and it’s finally finished. A total of 73 prims, counting the door, and I am so incredibly pleased with it.

I’ve also got the two-storey, 29-prim Tudor house all ready to go, and I’ve put together a free garden-in-a-box kit, containing loads of freebies: the best trees, plants, flowers, planters, etc, plus seating, a mailbox, a fountain, and birdsong sound effects. All were freebies that I’ve found elsewhere. A couple of them I modified (the fountain was originally an urn planter, plus a particle water sprinkler, but I put them together, re-textured them and they made a great little fountain) but it’s a nice little selection.

Finally, something that makes me giggle every time I think of it: My D.I.Y. Hedge Kit. Yup, make your own hedges. I’ve uploaded two hedge textures, and put them into a box with a smooth cube sculpt map, and a sample hedge.

Piccies behind the cut.

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