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Closing down sale at Dany French Touch

Sadly, another store in SL is closing, and it’s the wonderful Dany French Touch. There have always been gorgeous dollarbies in this tiny store, but now all of the other outfits are 50L$ each. I’ve no idea when the sale will end, but there are some beautiful outfits for men and women to be had. I suggest you hot-foot it over there as soon as you can. (Guys, if you want historical outfits, you need to visit this store, okay? That’s not the only style they have, but there are some wonderful historical creations, both for men and women.)

Mar’s going to showcase just a few of the dollarbies and 50L$ outfits (and at the end is one of the male outfits that works equally well on ladies; completely unusual and beautiful!)

Hop behind the cut for more.

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Ivalde sim hunt

Ivalde, L’Abel and Aurora Borealis are all holding an easter egg hunt on the Ivalde sim until April 11th. There are 13 eggs to be found: ten silvery ones in the Ivalde and L’Abel stores, and three patterned ones in the Aurora Borealis store. The eggs are all set to buy for 0L$ and are easy to find. The prizes inside are gorgeous. Ivalde are also holding a 50% sale right now, and Aurora Borealis have 50% off all Vintage Beads, so if you love vintage clothing and jewellery, have a look around while you’re egg-hunting!

I’ve screencapped all the prizes, so if you don’t want to be spoiled for everything, don’t look behind the cut. I’ll put just one prize image before the cut: the beautiful Ellinor Dress –

Hop behind the cut if you want to see the others.

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I’m all hunted out. I finally finished the Twisted Hunt a little under an hour ago, but I’m too knackered to unpack everything and start trying it on today!

So today I’m going to show you Lemania Indigo‘s beautiful one-day-only dollarbie for today: Etta Place. This outfit will only be available for 1L$ on 2nd March 2009, and then it’ll be gone forever.

(Be warned: big hunt going on at Lemania’s right now, so wear a low-lag skin or low-ARC avi if you can, and why not join in the hunt fun while you’re there!)

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Court outfits and capes at Night Sky

Night Sky offers four nice freebies for those of you in need of courtly outfits to wear. As well as the North Wind capes for men and women you might have seen in The Free Dove, they also have a Court Outfit for Men and a Court Lady Outfit. All at a cost of 0L$.

(Guys, if you get the Court Outfit for men, the North Wind Cape for men is in the box, so no need to get that one, too.)

While you’re there, hang around near the lucky chair, too. It’s set to change its letter every two minutes, and has various accessories in it, from fun poofers to nice jewellery.

Inventory-sorting tip: Create a new folder in your Clothing folder, and call it something like ‘historical’ or ‘costume’. Then you can file away everything that doesn’t fit into ‘standard’ clothing in that new folder. Each box contains a landmark to Night Sky, so don’t forget to delete all-but-one of those landmarks, and file the other one in a new Landmarks folder called ‘Historical Costumes’ (or similar).

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