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Cross-posting: The Snow Queen

Hi peeps. Just to let you know there’s a new post at the new SL for Nowt blog: The Snow Queen. In it you’ll find gorgeous gifty skins from Curio, some lovely new stuff from The Dressing Room Blue, plus free hair/hat/scarf combos for men and women from Amacci.

If you’ve not done so already, please remember to change your bookmarks and/or RSS feeds so that you can read directly from the new SL for Nowt blog.

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Baby Monkey does slingbacks!

Ladies, we all need a classic pair of slingbacks in our inventories. Whether we’re going for that vintage look, or just want a pair of shoes we can wear with everything, from skirts to pants to formal evening gowns. Slingbacks are the Swiss Army Knife of shoes!

Pixieplumb of Baby Monkey has just remodelled her store (and it looks fabulous) and has set out a new group gift. Join the Baby Monkey Junkies group (free to join), activate your group tag, and head through the main door. The group gift is on the wall, just a little to your right. It’s the Simone Pump in nude, and it goes with everything:

Check out the new Baby Monkey blog, too, and make sure you hop over to the store tomorrow (Sunday Nov 14th) for their one-day-only relaunch gift!

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Dressing Room and other stuff!

New items at The Dressing Room, peeps, and I have some other goodies for you, too!

My featured Dressing Room items are the new Helena 02 skin from Tuli (L$65), the Somebody’s Baby hair from Shag (L$70), the Gonzo Jeans from Fishy Strawberry (L$55), and the Open Cargidans from So Many Styles (L$50). Please note that the open cardigans are just that: open! You’ll need to find a top to go underneath them, as Mar has done here with the top from the dress by A-Bomb :)

The cardigan pack includes beige (shown here) and khaki, while the jeans include a skinny version (shown here) and a loose version. For more pics, including close-ups of the hair and skin, and some fabby free new eyes and funky socks, hop behind the cut!

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You SHALL go to the ball!

Hey there, Cinderella. Got a ball to go to and you’re still in your newbie rags? Join the Dany French Touch and Leyda Style group (join fee just L$1) and check group notices for the September group gift for men and women. Guys, you get a smart silky shirt and pants, and ladies you get this gorgeous blue gown:

The skin is from the free set of Kalista skins at Tuli‘s mainstore (you can also find the free pack of Gem eyes there. Mar is wearing the sapphire shade here). Head into the big tree and you’ll find them on the stump just inside. The hair is from the free Susan fatpack by Exile at Savoir Hair, and the jewellery is the Ex Stripper set, to be found in the lucky board on the top floor at Ticky Tacky. You can also find the dress for L$1 in the Dany French Touch store. If you need heels, try the Ocean colour of stilettos from Tesla’s free Jane fatpack on XstreetSL.

Just L$1 and you can go to the ball!

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Group join dress at Lika Ruby

Ladies, this lovely little cheongsam-style dress is your free gift when you join the Lika Ruby group. Click the group join sign by the door, then click the dress sign to receive the item.

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Rush for this LeLutka gift

The LeLutka group (free to join) has just sent out this fabulous unisex, 40-colour (Coal Mine shown here) fatpack of Rush hair with a 7-colour-change headband. Mar’s teamed it with the L$10 Greene dress from the Glam Affair/Beauty Avatar Couture Discount Room (see this post for how to get there) and the (not free or cheap, sorry!) Saliena shoes from Kalnins. The hair just went out today (August 18th) and will remain in group notices for just two weeks.

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Nothing could be sweeter

Than this group gift from Sweeter Than Candy which just went out to the subscribe-o-matic members. The Penelope dress in olive with the cuter-than-cute little Mimsi Flats to match it, and I love it, from its sculpted prim skirt and belt to its little peep of the pink bra top underneath it. Mar teamed them with some L$1 Everyday Hoops from the third floor bargain room at Ticky Tacky ( the prettiest jewellery, and no I’m not camped by the lucky board hoping to get a specific set of earrings in it! :p ) and classic Davina II hair from ETD (store now sadly closed indefinitely).

Edit: Yay! I just got the earrings on a wildcard! Hop behind the cut to see them. I wanted them because they matched the dress perfectly!

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Kunglers July group gift

Here’s a gorgeous group gift from Kunglers Fashion Design (L$50 to join). A lacy top and pretty sculpted skirt with a prim belt. Mar’s teamed it with (not free) Verve shoes from Maitreya, and Flapper hair from ETD. She’s also wearing the L$65 Gina 04 skin from the new Dressing Room collection.

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Here’s the skinny

Some new skins for you!

First up we have the group gift from Exodi VIPs (L$250 to join) of these beautiful Isolde skins. You’ll get four skintones, with varying cleavage and brow options:

The other two skins that I have for you today are both from the new collection at The Dressing Room. I’m not going to blog the collection this week but the usual suspects are there (GLOW Studio, Glam Affair, Aoharu, and more) and boys, you should head over because there’s a great hair and hat combination from CheerNo there for you this week.

Hop behind the cut for the other two skins :)

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Don’t get mad; get Moody

UPDATE: Please note that the free shoes have been moved to the Stiletto Moody Outlet store, as lag in the mainstore was causing problems for people trying to buy other items. I’ve updated this post with the new SLurl.

OK ladies, gird your loins. You’re gonna need all your lag-battling skills for this, so make sure you read this post in its entirety before hightailing it to grab these gifts. OK, ready?

Free Stiletto Moody shoes.

*picks self up off floor after being crushed by the stampede*

Not heard of Stiletto Moody? Let me enlighten you. They are to Second Life what Jimmy Choo is to First Life. Their shoes retail for mind-blowing prices in-world, and for the duration of their current 40% off sale (no end date given, but it may be pretty quick) they have decided to re-give last year’s massively successful free group gift in their store: the Lana shoes in red. So if, like Mar, you missed out last year, read on because I have some tips for you.

Hop behind the cut.

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