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Store, Sweet Store!

OK, itty-bitty market stall, sweet itty-bitty market stall, but hey… we’ve all gotta start somewhere!

I’ve set out my teensy collection of things in the Baileya Market, which was a part of my rental deal for Mar’s home. I’m still waiting for the rental box to be removed (the owner told me to just set out my prims and the box would be removed) but I can has sales presence? Why yes, I can!

Here’s Mar, surveying her little domain:

The area’s not that great, to be honest: low traffic, and a lot of people on the ban list, so I suspect it gets a few griefers, but since it’s at Coney Island of the Mind, and is full of funfair-type stuff, I guess that’s to be expected. Hopefully soon I can rent a small store in a better area, but while I have so few thing to sell, a big store just isn’t worth it!

To get to the stall, you’ll probably have to take the TP twice (yes, it’s one of those areas that sets you down at a landing point). Either that, or follow the red beam, or… when you land, head North toward the boardwalk, keeping the wooden pier on your left. Once on the boardwalk, immediately turn right, and Del Mar is the second stall on the ground floor on your left, between the voting machine and the ‘new listings at Ravenglass’ sign.

Here’s the SLurl: Del Mar 

I also created a group (search for Del Mar Updates) and nagged a friend to join it, because eek – L$100 to create a group, and it’ll be disbanded if nobody else joins within 48 hours?! I’ll be using it mainly to update in-world about new blog posts and new items for the store as I add them, and also the occasional freebie. Right now, since there should be at least one freebie and an intro post in my new group, I’ve put my garden-in-a-box in there. And yes, I managed to make a typo on my very first group notice… *facepalms*

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All builded out

*mops brow*

Whew! I’ve been working on this damn castle skybox for about three days now, and it’s finally finished. A total of 73 prims, counting the door, and I am so incredibly pleased with it.

I’ve also got the two-storey, 29-prim Tudor house all ready to go, and I’ve put together a free garden-in-a-box kit, containing loads of freebies: the best trees, plants, flowers, planters, etc, plus seating, a mailbox, a fountain, and birdsong sound effects. All were freebies that I’ve found elsewhere. A couple of them I modified (the fountain was originally an urn planter, plus a particle water sprinkler, but I put them together, re-textured them and they made a great little fountain) but it’s a nice little selection.

Finally, something that makes me giggle every time I think of it: My D.I.Y. Hedge Kit. Yup, make your own hedges. I’ve uploaded two hedge textures, and put them into a box with a smooth cube sculpt map, and a sample hedge.

Piccies behind the cut.

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