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Domicile’s All White!

Domicile has a free White Loft skybox gift out at The Gentlemen Bastards. It’s packaged in a Rez Faux box (simply rez it, click ‘Rez’ from the menu, wait for the building to assemble, then if you need to move it around, move the box and the building will follow it. Once you’re done, click ‘Save’ and you can delete the box) and each window can be adjusted to have the blinds closed, half-open, or fully-open simply by clicking them.

NOTE: The store’s been re-jigged since the last time I was there, so hop behind the cut to find the exact location of the gift, plus info about the furniture Mar’s featured in the pics.

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Magical Prices at Magi Take

Magi Take is one store everyone should have a landmark to. The clothing (and, now, furniture) they sell is high-quality and as cheap as anything. There’s female stuff and unisex stuff that works brilliantly for the guys (and, of course, for the girls!) Mar took a wander over there today, to check out the new items and buy up half the store. Here are just a few of the looks she put together.

First up, a cosy cardi and denim skirt set that would be perfect for schlepping around the shops, snapping up bargains in the autumn sales. I’ve listed the prices on the pictures, and in this pic there’s also a group gift item. More on how to get that in a minute.

Hop behind the cut for more pics and info on the group freebies!

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Wrap up warm this winter!

Sweeter Than Candy have a free multipack set of warm, woolly scarves and mittens just inside the door of their store:

To the right of the store, also just inside the door, you’ll find their Freebie Ring. Click it for a random gift (selected from six loaded into the ring). Return on five consecutive days and click again, for the others!

Also, don’t forget the Sweeter Than Candy dollarbie outlet store (use the sign just outside the store to reach it). Inside, you’ll find everything from separates to dresses, furniture to shoes, and even a few items for the guys.

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