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Marketplace dollarbies: Son!a – Rosalinda Dress

I was browsing through SL Marketplace’s freebies and dollarbies last night, and found some great stuff. Here’s one beautifully-elegant gown for just L$1 from Son!a:

Find it here on the Marketplace :)

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You SHALL go to the ball!

Hey there, Cinderella. Got a ball to go to and you’re still in your newbie rags? Join the Dany French Touch and Leyda Style group (join fee just L$1) and check group notices for the September group gift for men and women. Guys, you get a smart silky shirt and pants, and ladies you get this gorgeous blue gown:

The skin is from the free set of Kalista skins at Tuli‘s mainstore (you can also find the free pack of Gem eyes there. Mar is wearing the sapphire shade here). Head into the big tree and you’ll find them on the stump just inside. The hair is from the free Susan fatpack by Exile at Savoir Hair, and the jewellery is the Ex Stripper set, to be found in the lucky board on the top floor at Ticky Tacky. You can also find the dress for L$1 in the Dany French Touch store. If you need heels, try the Ocean colour of stilettos from Tesla’s free Jane fatpack on XstreetSL.

Just L$1 and you can go to the ball!

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Pretty it up

EDIT: The Dressing Room items featured in this post have now GONE. See this post for some items from the new collection.

Let’s get glamorous, girls. Today I’m going to blog about some cheap stuff, and about some stuff that’s a teeny bit over the blog’s L$50 remit, but which is worth getting. Today Mar visited four places: The Dressing Room, the new Dressing Room Blue, the Beauty Avatar/Glam Affair Discount section, and FabFree. What did she get? A ton of lovely stuff, from dresses and pantsuits, to free and cheap skins from big-name designers. (And boys, this post isn’t just for girls. Although I’ve only blogged girly stuff, hop behind the cut anyway to get the SLurl for the Glam Affair Discount section, because they have a LOT of male cheapies there, including skins, shapes, and clothing.)

For those who want to know when The Dressing Room changes its designer stock, join the Subscribe-o-matic while you’re there.

Hop behind the cut!

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Beautiful Brides on a Budget

Weddings are big business in Second Life, and they can cost big money too. Wherever you can save money, you should, and so to that end Mar has dug around and found a few items to help you along on your big day. Blushing brides (and much paler ones!) read on, because I have your dress and veil, your hair, your shoes, and a lovely tropical bouquet for those beach weddings.

Here are two bridal looks. Tropical White Wedding:

And Gothic Bride:

Hop behind the cut for more pics and where to find these items!

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It’s a freebie Saturday!

Boy, have I got some goodies for you today! You want ballgowns? I got ballgowns. Male hair? Got that too. Hats? Female hair? Eyeballs? Poses? Yup. The cutest shoes and summer dress ever? Check!

I’m kicking this post off with those cute shoes and that lovely summer dress. Kungler’s May group gift (L$50 to join group) is this lovely silky dress, which Mar has teamed with Baby Monkey’s latest group gift in-store (free to join group), the oh-so-pretty Mimi Sparrow Pumps. A warm welcome back to Pixieplumb from me, too :)

Note: you probably want to move fast for the Kunglers gift. I forgot to check when it leaves group notices before I logged off, but as it’s the May gift and May is almost over chances are it’ll vanish pretty soon.

Hop behind the cut for more fab goodies!

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Pay-to-join group gifts

More and more large store groups are moving towards a pay-to-join policy, which I can only assume is partly to prevent people from joining the group, grabbing a group freebie, and then leaving the group again. The first stores to do this tended to be the skin stores, and understandably so, with skins being the price they are and many skin stores offering full fatpacks as gifts. More and more stores are opting for this method, and the gifts are usually well worth the join fee.

Today Mar is highlighting some gorgeous gifts from pay-to-join groups. Please be aware that you need to remain in these groups once you’ve paid to join. If you leave and want to re-join, you’ll have to pay again. (For a handy reminder of which groups you paid to join, either jot down the group names on the ‘My Notes’ tab of your own profile, or check the front page of the group’s info window. The join fee will be visible, but greyed-out.)

First up, a stunning skirt and layerable tank top set from Sn@tch VIP Group (L$300 to join, and one of the most fun group chats ever. You won’t get shouted at for talking in group chat, and things can get hilariously naughty sometimes. It’s one of my favourite groups for banter, as well as for Ivey’s fab clothing). This is a new departure for Sn@tch: sculpted skirts that move beautifully with the avatar (be aware that certain very twisted or bent-over poses might not work, but for the average AO these skirts will look great). The tanks are on several layers (some sheer, some less sheer, and there’s also a pink one I’ve not shown here) so you can layer up and mix and match. I adore this outfit, and I’ve teamed it with the free Adena hair in Swedish Blonde, from the fatpack at Amacci (pick ‘hair’ from the teleport pad at the landing point, and the freebie is on the wall to your right), plus a group gift skin from Tuli that I’ll get onto in a minute.

Hop behind the cut for three more pay-to-join group gifts; one of which is for the boys!

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New Year Glamour

The seasonal SL social whirl isn’t over yet! New Year’s Eve is almost upon us, with party invitations popping into inventories everywhere. Mar’s rummaged out four party frocks for the celebrations: three short n’ flirty ones, and one with a bit more glamour. Stockists are at the end of the post.

We start with yet more items being added to the 10L$ sale at Pixeldolls. Starting with very short n’ flirty, Mar grabbed this Ghost dress in the beautiful ‘ocean’ shade:

Hop behind the cut for more.

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Brisk and businesslike

While Second Life is a playground for many of us, for some of us it is also a business venture, and the kind of fashion that often finds its way to the blogs is not suitable for the more professional virtual existence.

At the moment, the Pixeldolls store is having another 10L$ sale, and Mar found some perfect items for the SL businesswoman there, as well as taking a quick trip to Bare Rose and House of Curios, for another suit and some accessories.

Shoes worn throughout this blogpost (unless stated) are the 10L$ colour-change Chunky Stilettos from House of Curios, and the glasses are the colour-change 50L$ Rectangle Female Glasses, also from House of Curios. Hair is the free fatpack (in all colours) of Berri, by Truth at The Gnubie Store. Stockist locations are at the end of the post.

Here, Mar’s grey suit is Liason SystemDress Noir, from the 10L$ sale at Pixeldolls. Beneath it she’s wearing the Demi Cami Tintable, also in the 10L$ Pixeldolls sale. Stockings are the SLBM Women Socks from the Business Suit at Bare Rose (more on that in a moment).

Hop behind the cut for more business looks, that will take you from boardroom meetings, through Dress Casual Fridays, and right up to cocktails at the hotel bar on those business trips away.

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