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LeLutka’s 50L Friday skin fatpack (today only!)

Ladies, leg it over to LeLutka today (July 30th) before 11:59pm SLT and grab this lovely fatpack of Friday skins for just L$50:

(Sorry, forgot to put on the image that it’s 11:59 PM, so you have until one minute to midnight tonight to grab these.)

You’ll get the skins in four tones (light, sunkissed, suntan, and dark) with dark and light brows and with and without hairbases (that’s four skins per tone, basically), cleavage volumisers for all tones (on both shirt and undershirt layers; Mar is wearing those in the above images), pubic hair in all tones on both pants and underpants layers, a fabulous set of spiky lashes, a pair of eyes (not shown) and an eyebrow base (not worn). Great value for money, so hop on over there! The sim’s pretty busy right now, but remember you only have until midnight tonight to grab these.

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Casa del Shai Fifty Linden Friday Dress

Ladies, hurry to Casa del Shai, because until midnight tonight, Friday October 23rd, you can get this beautiful evening gown for just 50L$:

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