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DSN Blogger and sundry other blog updates

DSN Blogger

I have been wanting to join the DSN (Designer Showcase Network) for some time, but held back because Mar’s inventory is already bloated and I knew that joining DSN would only bloat it all the more!

So I have created a new avatar and a new blog, solely for the purpose of blogging about the free DSN samples, and general experiences of DSN. You can find it at DSN Blogger, add it to your feed readers, or simply scroll down the sidebar here at SL for Nowt to see the latest posts in the feed.

Check out the new blog for more info on the DSN and my plans for DSN Blogger.

Other stuff

You may notice a few extra bits and pieces, and a few changes at SL for Nowt. Sadly, I have had to remove the Free For Men blog feed from my blogroll, since it appears the blog is now dead (no posts since February of this year). However, I have added some new stuff!

Chic at Phil’s Place is a fellow freebie blogger, and posts daily on great finds. She’s now under my blogroll category.

I’m glad to see that Ding Fotherington is back blogging again after a hiatus while she was busy in RL, so make sure you start checking My Second Life on the D-List again (also on my blogroll)!

I’ve added a couple of new freebie places to the SLurls (freebie places) section of the blogroll. Maschienenwerk is a great freebie place full of original content by Armin Rickena. Send all the newbie (and not-so-newbie!) guys you know to this store. They’ll love you for it! Armin also has female freebies, but he’s especially good for high-quality male items in-world.

I’ve also added the Peppermint Blue Freestore, and if you have a group slot spare then make sure you join their group, too. You’ll receive notices of limited-time full outfit offers via the group, and in the store you’ll find hundreds of full outfits (male and female) and complete avatars. Take the blue teleport pads up to the store when you land.

Another new section in the sidebar is a small one for sandboxes. These are places that will let anyone build or unpack boxes, so if you can’t open that box where you are, teleport to one of those sandboxes. There are only two for now: both of which I have used regularly and know are good ones.

Lastly, I’ve included a new section: SLurls (newbie places). These are links to places dedicated to newbies in-world, such as the main NCI (New Citizens Inc) campuses, The Shelter, etc.

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