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Cross-posting: The Snow Queen

Hi peeps. Just to let you know there’s a new post at the new SL for Nowt blog: The Snow Queen. In it you’ll find gorgeous gifty skins from Curio, some lovely new stuff from The Dressing Room Blue, plus free hair/hat/scarf combos for men and women from Amacci.

If you’ve not done so already, please remember to change your bookmarks and/or RSS feeds so that you can read directly from the new SL for Nowt blog.

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Marketplace dollarbies: Son!a – Rosalinda Dress

I was browsing through SL Marketplace’s freebies and dollarbies last night, and found some great stuff. Here’s one beautifully-elegant gown for just L$1 from Son!a:

Find it here on the Marketplace :)

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Sn@tch up a bargain!

Until tomorrow evening (Thursday November 4th) these two gorgeous Velvet Drape Dresses are available in a single pack at Sn@tch, for just L$69. Look on the easel just inside the lobby of the store for them. You’ll get a rose dress and a brown dress in the pack.

Mar’s sunglasses in both pics are from a sim whose name I’m not even going to try to spell ;) Hop over there and look on the catwalk and floor for three rezzed pairs of sunglasses. They’re freebies, and great quality! Guys, one of the pairs are vintage Wayfarers, so there’s something for you there, too!

Hop behind the cut for a pic of the other dress and one more pair of sunnies :)

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Dressing Room Blue new collection

Here’s just a small showcase of the new designer cheapies at The Dressing Room Blue :)

I’ve crammed four goodies into this first pic! There are skins by Dekade, a gorgeous jacket from Emery, waist scarves (four colours total) from Veschi, and another fabby hairstyle (four colours total) from Exile:

As always with both Dressing Rooms, nothing is over L$70. Hop behind the cut for more pics.

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New at The Dressing Room Blue

Yes, it’s that time again: a new collection of designer cheapies at The Dressing Room Blue. Mar snagged some items to showcase for you :)

Hop behind the cut!

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You SHALL go to the ball!

Hey there, Cinderella. Got a ball to go to and you’re still in your newbie rags? Join the Dany French Touch and Leyda Style group (join fee just L$1) and check group notices for the September group gift for men and women. Guys, you get a smart silky shirt and pants, and ladies you get this gorgeous blue gown:

The skin is from the free set of Kalista skins at Tuli‘s mainstore (you can also find the free pack of Gem eyes there. Mar is wearing the sapphire shade here). Head into the big tree and you’ll find them on the stump just inside. The hair is from the free Susan fatpack by Exile at Savoir Hair, and the jewellery is the Ex Stripper set, to be found in the lucky board on the top floor at Ticky Tacky. You can also find the dress for L$1 in the Dany French Touch store. If you need heels, try the Ocean colour of stilettos from Tesla’s free Jane fatpack on XstreetSL.

Just L$1 and you can go to the ball!

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Some pretties for holiday Monday

Have some pretties for a holiday Monday :)

Baby Monkey has a sweet little pair of Cute Button Wedges for just L$10 at the desk inside the door. Mar’s teamed them with the L$10 Katiuscia dress in peach, from the Glam Affair/Beauty Avatar Couture discount room (see this post for how to get there). You’ll need to edit the skirt of the dress; see towards the end of this post for instructions (it’s really simple!)

Hop behind the cut for more Monday cheerer-uppers!

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Whopping L$5 sale at Imani!

Thanks to Emma at Emma’s SL Style Bargains for the headsup to this fabulous sale at Imani. Everything in the store, from clothing to accessories to eyes, is just L$5. Yep, you read that right: the whole store is on sale. I’ve no idea how long it’ll last, so leg it over there and grab some bargains!

Mar snagged a handful of items to showcase here. These are just examples of all the colours available. Most items are to be had in at least half a dozen shades, with discounts on fatpacks, too!

Hop behind the cut for more!

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Group join dress at Lika Ruby

Ladies, this lovely little cheongsam-style dress is your free gift when you join the Lika Ruby group. Click the group join sign by the door, then click the dress sign to receive the item.

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Dressing Room Blue new collection

Thanks to massive SL borkage on the day that I bought just about everything in the new Dressing Room Blue collection, two of the items completely vanished from my inventory. I tried all the usual inventory recovery tricks, from clearing cache to logging onto Aditi grid. Nothing worked. The items were gone. I received no response to my support ticket, so I had to buy the items again. Just to poke my tongue out at Linden Lab, I’m blogging those two missing items today: Exile’s Bianca hair (four colours in the pack) and Kunglers’ Heaven dress. Both of these are L$60 each, so while I only lost L$120, that’s still flipping annoying. Thanks a bunch, Linden Lab :(

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