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L$1 closing sale at [AV]

I’m so sad to blog about yet another great designer leaving SL. Adreahna Vlodovic is closing [AV] and has thus marked down the entire store at L$1 per item. There’s a tonne of stuff here (lovers of vintagewear will be in heaven), and everything is just one Linden dollar. No pics; just get your pixel butts over to the store.

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L$60 closing sale on womenswear at Aitui

Aitui will soon no longer be selling womenswear, and at the moment every item of female clothing in the store is set out at L$60. This has been going on for some time, so I suggest you hotfoot it over there pronto if you want to grab a bargain because I’ve no idea when the sale will end. Jesseaitui’s clothing is full of lush, rich colours and well worth a little splurge. Their hair also seems to be on sale (I cammed into the hair store and noticed the styles were set to L$75 each instead of the usual prices, so check those out, too!)

Mar’s bought a few items to showcase here, but no item listing. Hop on over yourself to check out the goods!

Hop behind the cut for more!

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Closing down sale at Dany French Touch

Sadly, another store in SL is closing, and it’s the wonderful Dany French Touch. There have always been gorgeous dollarbies in this tiny store, but now all of the other outfits are 50L$ each. I’ve no idea when the sale will end, but there are some beautiful outfits for men and women to be had. I suggest you hot-foot it over there as soon as you can. (Guys, if you want historical outfits, you need to visit this store, okay? That’s not the only style they have, but there are some wonderful historical creations, both for men and women.)

Mar’s going to showcase just a few of the dollarbies and 50L$ outfits (and at the end is one of the male outfits that works equally well on ladies; completely unusual and beautiful!)

Hop behind the cut for more.

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