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A freebie from me!

I’ve spent a goodly portion of yesterday and today archiving all my full-perm textures (my inventory is shrinking! It’s now down to less than 14k!) and I decided to try my hand at something new involving notecards: books :)

So, at my little stall in Baileya, and also on my page on XStreet (which is SL Exchange’s new name) you can find the first of my favourite books in notecarded form: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

What you’ll get for your 0L$ is a folder containing the cover and a single notecard. Embedded in the notecard are all the book chapters. I’ve also embedded the next chapter along into the bottom of each individual chapter notecard, so you don’t have to keep clicking back and forth from the index card if you’re reading continuously.

There’s one other new item in the store (I don’t really build much now, but a couple of people have asked me for this) and that’s the garden and hedge for my Tudor House. Not a freebie, alas, but for 50L$ you’ll be helping me pay my in-world rent ;)

Yes, I’m feeling cheeky today! LOL

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