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New, additional default avatars in your inventory!

Open up the Library section of your inventories, peeps! Inside, tons of new and additional default avatars have suddenly materialised, courtesy of Adam n Eve, who have made the last two sets of default avatars you can choose from when signing up. Not only are those avatars still available, but there are new male and female avatars for: action, average, Bollywood, cosplay, cyborg, and fantasy. There’s a plethora of goodies to be had inside, and don’t forget you don’t have to wear the whole thing at once! You can mix and match, pulling hair from one folder, skins from another, boots from a third, then mashing them all together with an outfit from somewhere else entirely if you like!

Hop behind the cut for a closer look at each new avatar, plus instructions on how to transfer the library items to your main inventory folders.

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Gnu stuff at the Gnubie Store!

*groans* Couldn’t resist it ;)

Hop over to The Gnubie Store, peeps, because there are new items available! The Silent Sparrow sets have been changed around again (I’m going to leave you to discover those, because there are three of them: all lovely, including something for the guys), new items from Nyte & Day, The Sea Hole brings their fabulous quirky brand to SL’s newbies, and Bettie Doyle of Ingenue offers some gorgeous vintage dollarbie dresses.

Here are the new Nyte & Day freebie items (shoes not included) –

Hop behind the cut for more!

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New default avatars!

Oh my gosh, what a surprise awaited me when I checked the Library folder of my Inventory. Under ‘clothing’ and then ‘initial outfits’ are twelve new default avatars created by Adam n Eve. I tried on all the female options, and girls you need to look at them! If nothing else, the shoes and hair deserve places in your main folders, and some of the outfits are fabby, too! Guys, there are outfits for you, too, but you need to check those out yourselves; I didn’t have time to get around to them today.

Here’s a sample outfit: the Female Rocker. It comes with everything you see here, including two colours of t-shirt.

Hop behind the cut for the others.

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A very special Christmas gift from Exclusiva

How’s the Christmas shopping coming along? I got all of mine finished a couple of days ago, and by the end of it I felt as though my arms had elongated from the weight of all the bags.

Mar feels pretty much the same, having battled through the crowds at Exclusiva, but it was worth the single dollar she paid.

Hop behind the cut to see the extra-special dollarbie from Exclusiva, in partnership with AtomicBambi and Dryad Designs.

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De-noob for nothing

Female? Just joined SL? Need to de-noob as fast as you can? Follow this guide (and do it fast; one of these offers won’t be around for long). Get this look, entirely for nothing:

Hop behind the cut :)

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One-day offer from Peppermint Blue

See those skates you’ve been thinking about dragging out in readiness for winter? Get ’em on right now and SCOOT! Peppermint Blue has a beautiful full avatar set out in their FreeStore (take the blue TP pads up to the store) for today only. This distribution will end at midnight tonight, and it’s worth grabbing. The store is already packed out, so run over and get it. You’ll get everything in this pic: shape, skin (a lovely mod of Eloh’s new Starlight skins), hair, clothes, hat, boots, etc:

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Memoirs of a Secret Geisha Boy

I spotted this lovely Midnight Mania prize on another blog (Chic at Phil’s Place – she’s on my blogroll, and a great freebie blogger; check her out daily!) and I hopped over to slap the board at The Gentlemen Bastards. While I was there, I found other goodies, including a lucky chair and a lucky board containing a beautiful and unusual gift: a geisha boy skin and outfit. I stuck around, the board went onto a wildcard, and I got it. It works best with a delicate male shape, and I knew just where to get one, so more lucky board hanging-around was required, at Den-Dou (go downstairs and look up above the archway) to get their sweet ‘Shiro’ shape.

Hop behind the cut for more pics!

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Mellow Yellow

Yellow. It’s a hard colour to match, and a hard colour to wear. The danger of looking like a bumblebee is ever-present!

However, the Peppermint Blue Free Store has a few yellow outfits, and Mar was up for a challenge. Mixed with black, yellow can work well, so here’s what she did with them.

The first outfit is Assistance Pack #081121. This contains a black coat, yellow leggings, bag, limited-edition spectacles (purple lenses, which I re-tinted yellow, to match the outfit), black boots (which I’m not wearing here; see in a moment for credits for those) and the usual plethora of shapes and skins.

Mar has teamed it with the Neo Boots from House of Curios. These cost 40L$ and have a myriad of colour change options, so you can match them to just about any outfit you want. Here, Mar opted for black, to complete the outfit. Find them in-world (here) and on XstreetSL (here).

The second Peppermint Blue pack is #081107. This one comes with the usual skins and shapes, and this yellow coat outfit (long and short coat skirts included), skirt, socks, boots (not worn), bag and lingerie. I’ve teamed this set with the 1L$ Lilith Lime shoes, from Ilayda (here, on XstreetSL).

The hair in both pics is from Waka & Yuki’s free and discount stall, upstairs at the Peppermint Blue Free Store. When you’ve taken the teleporter upstairs, turn right and head for the first market stall. Mar chose the Free5 hair, because it had gold stars in it that matched the outfit.

Poses are by VPoses.

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Fabulously Freebie Girls

Have you visited the new FabFree store yet? If not, then why not? The FabFree ladies have assembled an awesome store full of freebies from top designers in SL. I nipped over there today, and only grabbed a handful of items to show you. It’s possible to put together an entire avatar from here (male and female, because there are guys’ shapes and skins to be had if you look) with the exception of a free AO (which you can find elsewhere on the grid).

Here are just four looks that Mar put together, using only items found in the FabFree store. The only thing I forgot was eyes, but there’s a whole heap of gorgeous eyes in the MADesigns pack there, so you can get those, too.

Three more behind the cut :)

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Peppermint Blue Day: Set #090724 (limited time)

Continuing with my self-designated ‘Peppermint Blue Day’ this is the current limited-edition release at their SilkRoad location. This release will no longer be available after August 7th, 11pm SLT.

This is a great set, containing two lots of lingerie and one skirt and top combination. Also in the set, you will receive three shapes and a mind-boggling 36 skins! The skins are lovely rosy, slightly sunburned ones. You get three makeup options (Chestnuts, FreshApple, WarmyOrange), in both freckled and unfreckled versions, and each of those comes with a basic skin and an option to have tan lines (marked ‘TL’). Please note: I’m not wearing those skins in these pics!

The shoes in this pic are the free ‘Michelle’ pumps from SIN (find them on XstreetSL) and the hair is the freebie ‘Chloe’ from Bewitched Hair.

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