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New at The Dressing Room Blue

Ooh, that rhymed! ;)

There’s a new collection out at The Dressing Room Blue, and Mar was all over it like a badly-fitting suit! Hair, skins, clothing, poses, accessories, and something that (with a bit of resizing) would suit the boys, too.

Hop behind the cut!

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Pretty it up

EDIT: The Dressing Room items featured in this post have now GONE. See this post for some items from the new collection.

Let’s get glamorous, girls. Today I’m going to blog about some cheap stuff, and about some stuff that’s a teeny bit over the blog’s L$50 remit, but which is worth getting. Today Mar visited four places: The Dressing Room, the new Dressing Room Blue, the Beauty Avatar/Glam Affair Discount section, and FabFree. What did she get? A ton of lovely stuff, from dresses and pantsuits, to free and cheap skins from big-name designers. (And boys, this post isn’t just for girls. Although I’ve only blogged girly stuff, hop behind the cut anyway to get the SLurl for the Glam Affair Discount section, because they have a LOT of male cheapies there, including skins, shapes, and clothing.)

For those who want to know when The Dressing Room changes its designer stock, join the Subscribe-o-matic while you’re there.

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It’s a freebie Saturday!

Boy, have I got some goodies for you today! You want ballgowns? I got ballgowns. Male hair? Got that too. Hats? Female hair? Eyeballs? Poses? Yup. The cutest shoes and summer dress ever? Check!

I’m kicking this post off with those cute shoes and that lovely summer dress. Kungler’s May group gift (L$50 to join group) is this lovely silky dress, which Mar has teamed with Baby Monkey’s latest group gift in-store (free to join group), the oh-so-pretty Mimi Sparrow Pumps. A warm welcome back to Pixieplumb from me, too :)

Note: you probably want to move fast for the Kunglers gift. I forgot to check when it leaves group notices before I logged off, but as it’s the May gift and May is almost over chances are it’ll vanish pretty soon.

Hop behind the cut for more fab goodies!

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Now now, missy!

There’s a new dollabie of the week at [AV] (but it might be an old one, since I’ve not logged into SL in a week!) Get your skates on, just in case I’m late to this. The dollarbie is the cute Missy dress, which I’ve teamed here with my Neo boots from House of Curios (40L$), and one of the three cute little mini-bags you get for 20L$ at Izumiya. Hair is Gigi by Bewitched Hair, and is currently on sale for 53L$ per fatpack of seven colours. Poses are freebies from Izumiya :)

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Savvy up your avvy, boys!

I’ve got not one, but two XstreetSL bargains of the week for you today, and I’m so excited I could hop up and down on the spot, because this time it’s something for the boys! You poor guys get so few bargains of this quality, and when an offer like this comes along I’m all over it like a badly-fitted suit, trying to get it onto the blog for you!

Talking of suits, one of the two bargains most certainly is not badly-fitted. Bargain #1 is this fabulous Business Class Mens’ Suit Set from Savvy Avvy, and it costs just 50L$ for one week only. Normal price is 399L$. You get the suit jacket and pants, two buttoned shirts (undershirt layer) in black and white, two system layer ties (shirt layer) in black and white, two prim ties in black and white, two unbuttoned shirts (shirt layer) in black and white, and two collars for the unbuttoned shirt (black and white again).

The skin in these pics is ‘Jonas’, a recent group gift from Belleza, the hair is ‘Slide’ (free from MADesigns) and the shoes are House of Curios’ Formal Dress Shoes (10L$) –

(By the way, I was looking for some new male poses, since I only have a couple and I’m getting bored of using the same ones over and over! I looked through a few items I’d got from the Make Him Over Hunt, and found a pose chair from a store that I’ve not heard of before: 3M. The chair was fabulous, but I wanted some standing poses, so I hopped over to the store. They have amazing male-only poses (two of which I used in the above picture), and at great, cheap prices (40L$), so all of you boy poseurs out there, pay 3M a visit!)

The other bargain of the week is also from Savvy Avvy, and is also a limited one week only offer at 50L$. It’s the Black Leather Mens’ Fitted Trench

Gotta run, guys. You’ve only got a week to get these at those prices!

*looks up at her male avi and wonders if he’s doing anything tonight* ;)

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Free AOs

UPDATE (October 2010) – This post has now been updated with new SL Marketplace links, as the old XstreetSL site has now closed. I’ve also added a couple of new SL Marketplace AOs to the end of the list.

From looking at my blog stats, one of the most frequent search terms that brings people to SL for Nowt is ‘free AO’. An AO is an Animation Overrider, which is something that you wear (usually a HUD on your screen, but very occasionally an older AO will be worn on the body) and it will change your stand, walk, sit etc animations to much nicer ones than the default.

I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of free (and very cheap) AOs in-world and on SL Marketplace, so that people had a one-stop-shop to go to. This list will by no means be comprehensive (I can only cover the AOs that I know about or can find!) so if you know of a free or dollarbie AO that isn’t mentioned, please let me know in a comment and I will add it to my list. Please mention in the comment whether it’s available for newbies (avatars under 30 days only) or for anyone to buy.

Hop behind the cut for the list!

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Mellow Yellow

Yellow. It’s a hard colour to match, and a hard colour to wear. The danger of looking like a bumblebee is ever-present!

However, the Peppermint Blue Free Store has a few yellow outfits, and Mar was up for a challenge. Mixed with black, yellow can work well, so here’s what she did with them.

The first outfit is Assistance Pack #081121. This contains a black coat, yellow leggings, bag, limited-edition spectacles (purple lenses, which I re-tinted yellow, to match the outfit), black boots (which I’m not wearing here; see in a moment for credits for those) and the usual plethora of shapes and skins.

Mar has teamed it with the Neo Boots from House of Curios. These cost 40L$ and have a myriad of colour change options, so you can match them to just about any outfit you want. Here, Mar opted for black, to complete the outfit. Find them in-world (here) and on XstreetSL (here).

The second Peppermint Blue pack is #081107. This one comes with the usual skins and shapes, and this yellow coat outfit (long and short coat skirts included), skirt, socks, boots (not worn), bag and lingerie. I’ve teamed this set with the 1L$ Lilith Lime shoes, from Ilayda (here, on XstreetSL).

The hair in both pics is from Waka & Yuki’s free and discount stall, upstairs at the Peppermint Blue Free Store. When you’ve taken the teleporter upstairs, turn right and head for the first market stall. Mar chose the Free5 hair, because it had gold stars in it that matched the outfit.

Poses are by VPoses.

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Are you poised for a new pose store? De nada!

First up, the clothes. This is my XstreetSL bargain find of the week: Nada’s Sexy Jeans Girl. For just 10L$ you’ll get the dress (with two skirt options), boots, gloves, and the hat-with-hair. Can’t beat that!

.::Poise::. is a new pose store on the grid, and I was tickled pink by their current freebie poses, to be found in the store lobby. There are two poses: one for the boys and one for the girls, and I’ve featured them in the above pic.

The boy’s pose is a piratical one (grab the freebie sword from your Library folder and find a ship to pillage!) and the girl’s pose is a sexy Moulin Rouge one. What I love about these is that you don’t just get a pose; you also get the same pose in a poseball, which is great for positioning your avatar more accurately when you’re trying to take pics.

And that’s not all. The store has a group freebie vendor out (search for Poise in groups, and make sure you get the right one! The group founder’s name is Mojo Skytower). Inside that group freebie vendor is this utterly fab Family Portrait Chair:

(Thanks to Roxie for throwing on her male avatar there and helping me out for the pic. I know, I know; we could have poshed ourselves up a bit more!)

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Striking Poses: New dollarbie pose

I love poses. They’re rather a necessary thing for someone who blogs fashion and other avatar-related items in Second Life!

Striking Poses has a great selection of dollarbie poses in the middle of their store, and this week’s new dollarbie release is such a good one, I wanted to feature it in a blogpost of its own. It was inspired by a picture of Katy Perry on the red carpet:

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Ladybird, Ladybird, fly away home

Ladybird is closing, and all clothing items in the store are set to 1L$ each. I’ve no idea how long the closing-down sale will go on for, but there are some sweet and lovely items on offer.

Hop behind the cut for a few more pics.

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