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New at The Dressing Room Blue

Ooh, that rhymed! ;)

There’s a new collection out at The Dressing Room Blue, and Mar was all over it like a badly-fitting suit! Hair, skins, clothing, poses, accessories, and something that (with a bit of resizing) would suit the boys, too.

Hop behind the cut!

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Nothing could be sweeter

Than this group gift from Sweeter Than Candy which just went out to the subscribe-o-matic members. The Penelope dress in olive with the cuter-than-cute little Mimsi Flats to match it, and I love it, from its sculpted prim skirt and belt to its little peep of the pink bra top underneath it. Mar teamed them with some L$1 Everyday Hoops from the third floor bargain room at Ticky Tacky ( the prettiest jewellery, and no I’m not camped by the lucky board hoping to get a specific set of earrings in it! :p ) and classic Davina II hair from ETD (store now sadly closed indefinitely).

Edit: Yay! I just got the earrings on a wildcard! Hop behind the cut to see them. I wanted them because they matched the dress perfectly!

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A pukka gift at Bukka

This great little resizeable hip bag is the gift you’ll get when you click the Subscribe-o-matic at Bukka:

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Discount shopping at Glam Affair (again!)

I hopped back to the Glam Affair/Beauty Avatar Couture Discount Room again today (this post will tell you exactly how to find it) and there were lots of new items out (and quite a bit of lag in the sim, so it’s probably a good idea to wait a day or so before you head over there; Sim FPS was down to just one, which equals pixel molasses).

Everything from the room that I’m showing here costs just L$10 per item.

First up, are the gorgeous Inverness leather pants. You get system pants that can be worn with and without the prim cuffs. Mar picked up the Philadelphia top to wear with it (it also has long gloves, but those didn’t work so well with Mar’s prim nails, so she’s not wearing those here), and also the Alva hair brown fatpack.

Hop behind the cut for a couple more outfits.

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In the shade

A quickie for you today! Maschienenwerk have released new free unisex sunglasses, called Camila, in their store.

Since it’s hard to show the arms of these when you’re wearing hair, you can see a closer, more detailed image here on their blog. For other styling credits, see this post at Mar’s Ponderings :)

Please note: the Maschienenwerk store often moves around, so if it’s is not at the link I’ve given above, an in-world search for it should bring up the current location.

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Don’t get mad; get Moody

UPDATE: Please note that the free shoes have been moved to the Stiletto Moody Outlet store, as lag in the mainstore was causing problems for people trying to buy other items. I’ve updated this post with the new SLurl.

OK ladies, gird your loins. You’re gonna need all your lag-battling skills for this, so make sure you read this post in its entirety before hightailing it to grab these gifts. OK, ready?

Free Stiletto Moody shoes.

*picks self up off floor after being crushed by the stampede*

Not heard of Stiletto Moody? Let me enlighten you. They are to Second Life what Jimmy Choo is to First Life. Their shoes retail for mind-blowing prices in-world, and for the duration of their current 40% off sale (no end date given, but it may be pretty quick) they have decided to re-give last year’s massively successful free group gift in their store: the Lana shoes in red. So if, like Mar, you missed out last year, read on because I have some tips for you.

Hop behind the cut.

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New Dressing Room Blue collection, and three free sets of skins!

Happy weekend! It’s a flipping hot one here in the UK (well, hot for us, anyway!) and Mar’s been hopping all over the grid today to bring you some goodies. The main subject of this blogpost is the new collection at The Dressing Room Blue, but I also have a limited time offer (this weekend only!) free skin from Tuli to show you, plus Subscribe-o-matic and group gift skin packs from Nomine and Sn@tch.

Hop behind the cut!

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Summer Blues

SF Design has its new July freebies for men and women out, and both are fabby sarongs (c’mon boys; get your Beckham on! *g*) and prim-toed Ramses sandals with a great HUD for skin and pedicure colour customisation. Mar’s teamed hers with a L$1 tank top from the upstairs discount section at A Piece of Candy, and a L$10 tote bag from the upstairs discount section at Baby Monkey. Now all I need is a beach!

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The Dressing Room ~ July Week 01

It’s already time for a new collection of discounted designer items at The Dressing Room! This week we have shapes, two lots of skins, the usual amazing clothing and accessories, and something for the guys. I also have for you a limited-time offer on a fabby pair of boots with built-in AO, and a ton of great freebie hair.

Hop behind the cut!

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New collection at The Dressing Room Blue

The Dressing Room Blue (another variant of The Dressing Room) has set out its new collection, and in it you’ll find everything from frocks to hair, jewellery to poses. Mar snapped up some of the items to showcase here, and put together some fabby looks! Both Dressing Rooms feature cut-price items from some of Second Life’s top designers, and while they tend to be a tad above the remit of this blog nothing costs more than L$70, so I make an exception for both of them ;)

PLEASE NOTE: All of these items are available at The Dressing Room Blue location (link above). The only non-Dressing Room Blue items shown here are the Tuli skin, the Amacci hair, and the House of Curios footwear.

Hop behind the cut!

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