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What you’re missing by still reading the OLD SL for Nowt blog ;)

Here’s another cross-post from me. If you’re still reading this old SL for Nowt blog, then please update your RSS feeds, your blogroll links, and whatnot. The new blog is here:

Of late, you’ve missed posts about:

– A new ‘newbie avatar’ kit on the grid

– An info post and tutorial all about scripts and potential script limits

– Lots of freebie and cheapie goodness

– Mar’s 3rd rezday celebration post

– Two editions of Those Little Questions

– A newbie’s guide to logging in at a quiet spot (also good for oldbies after cache-clearing!)

Also, cross-posting all of the blog posts to Twitter and Plurk was proving to be a complete pain, but since I took a liking to Twitter I’ve created an ‘off-duty’ account there for Mar – @Mar_SL4Nowt – where you can expect all kinds of things. If I spot a freebie on the grid that I don’t have time to blog, then I might tweet it. There will also, invariably, be fist-shaking at Linden Lab/Viewer 2/lag/etc, and other observations about Second Life in general. Please feel free to follow the account :)


February 22, 2011 - Posted by | adminny stuff

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