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Two new posts on the new blog

Just an alert to those that still haven’t bookmarked the new SL for Nowt blog: I have two new posts over there:

An elegant start to 2011

and the first in a new series:

The Absolute Basics: Beginners – Signing Up

I know that many of my readers here come from the SL Freebies Cheapies Dollarbies Lucky Chairs Hunts aggregate blog. I contacted that blog’s owner after I switched SL for Nowt to self-hosting, to request that my feed URL is updated but either her IMs are capped and/or she’s not been in-world on that avatar, because it hasn’t yet been updated. I’ll keep trying to contact her of my own accord, but in the meantime if any of you know Cheyenne Spearmann who runs the aggregate blog (or are friends with any other avatar she may be operating in-world) I would be very grateful if you could help me get the message to her that SL for Nowt has now moved!

Here’s the new blog URL again:

January 12, 2011 - Posted by | adminny stuff

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