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A 24-hour winter warmer

Hi peeps! I’ve been away from my computer for a few days, but I’ve come back with a lovely, limited-time cheapie for you to snag. The Domicile store @ Gentleman Bastards will be selling their fully-furnished Autumn Skybox for just L$50 for 24 hours. The sale starts at 12 noon SLT today (Saturday November 27th) and continues until 12 noon SLT tomorrow (Sunday November 28th). After that the price will return to L$500, so if you can grab it during the sale time you’ll be getting a whopping discount!

Hop behind the cut for more info and pics :)

First of all, a quick guideline on getting there. TP to the Gentlemen Bastards mall here, and go up the stairs, heading for the lucky chair. You’ll find a teleport pad on the floor that will take you up to the rezzed version of the skybox (there’s also a pad in the Domicile store, if you make your way there first) –

(It’s unusual for Mar not to pay attention to a lucky chair like that!)

The skybox features lots of comfy couches and chairs with multiple poses on the couches (rightclick-sit on various cushions and seat pads to find them). There’s a cosy reading nook, too, and if you click the book on the couch there, you’ll get a book to wear while you lounge and read. A bed is included, with two sleeping animations, as well as a roaring fireplace, a wall clock that keeps SL time, lots of gorgeous artwork and other decor. The curtains open and close with a click, and did I mention all of this is just L$50 for 24 hours? I did? Good ;)

Please note: the skybox is NOT available to buy before 12 noon today, but you can head over there to take a peek first of all. It’s especially snug when you have your World settings to midnight, so the glowing lights can come to the fore. There are no couple poses in the furniture (they’re all solo ones), but I’m sure that the couples among you have your favourites, and since the poses are scripted into the furniture they won’t interfere with any poseballs you might want to rez.

The bookshelf is laden with decor, from one-prim sculpted books to a set of three photo frames (which, given that the whole skybox is modifiable, you can probably customise with your own pics).

Getting stuck into a good book.

Mar yawns. Mmm. Time for bed :)

Edited to add: the skybox is 219 prims :)

November 27, 2010 - Posted by | cheapies, homes and skyboxes, limited time offers, second life


  1. Hey Mar, I love your blog and have found it quite helpful, but when you post things like this, if you can give a base prim count, it would be hugely helpful. Thanks again. :)

    Comment by Zorya | November 27, 2010 | Reply

    • Sure! Sorry about that, Zorya, and I’ll try to remember in future! The skybox is, according to the notice, 219 prims :)

      Comment by Mar | November 27, 2010 | Reply

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