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Inventory Management: Notecards

OK, peeps. Today we’re going to deal with something that invades your inventory without you even giving it a second thought.

When you log in, no doubt like most of us you have lots of inventory offers waiting for you. Notecards, LMs, and (if you’re lucky) group gifts. And, like most of us, you probably accept them all and either read them there and then or deal with them when you get time.

When was the last time you opened up your notecards folder and actually took a long, hard look at how many items it contains? Go do it now; I’ll still be here when you come back, screaming ;)

OK, let’s deal with that. Some of those notecards you’ll want to keep, but the majority of them? You can just throw away. I’m not going to screencap this post, because it’s ridiculously obvious, so hop behind the cut for a quick poke and nudge and a few ideas on organising those gorram notecards that multiply like bunnies!

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Multi-purpose post! SF Design’s November freebie, dollarbie capris, plus a shoe-colouring tutorial

Phew! Talk about cramming stuff into one post! OK, let’s begin with the clothing first.

SF Design has a new freebie out for November: the snuggly-warm Cable Knit Sweater and Scarf in a lovely autumnal green. There is a free version in both the ladies and gents sections of the store, so boys don’t forget to pick up one for yourself!

Mar has teamed that sweater with a great dollarbie bargain from SL Marketplace: Double F’s Capris and Capri Shorts in Midnight. You’ll get two lengths in the pack: classic capris, and shorts.

Finally, Mar’s shoes are from the free Monochrome Classic Pumps set, by Plausible Body. She’s actually wearing the white pair here, but has used a nifty little freeware program to help her colour-match them exactly to the SF Design sweater. Hop behind the cut to see how to do that!

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Baby Monkey does slingbacks!

Ladies, we all need a classic pair of slingbacks in our inventories. Whether we’re going for that vintage look, or just want a pair of shoes we can wear with everything, from skirts to pants to formal evening gowns. Slingbacks are the Swiss Army Knife of shoes!

Pixieplumb of Baby Monkey has just remodelled her store (and it looks fabulous) and has set out a new group gift. Join the Baby Monkey Junkies group (free to join), activate your group tag, and head through the main door. The group gift is on the wall, just a little to your right. It’s the Simone Pump in nude, and it goes with everything:

Check out the new Baby Monkey blog, too, and make sure you hop over to the store tomorrow (Sunday Nov 14th) for their one-day-only relaunch gift!

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Marketplace dollarbies: Son!a – Rosalinda Dress

I was browsing through SL Marketplace’s freebies and dollarbies last night, and found some great stuff. Here’s one beautifully-elegant gown for just L$1 from Son!a:

Find it here on the Marketplace :)

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