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Hi peeps! Here’s another in my ‘Those little questions’ series, where I try to give answers to the questions in search terms that lead people to this blog. There are no silly questions in SL. We all started out as complete newbies, and we all wondered the same things, so here I hope to help you out with some answers :)

Here’s a quick summary of today’s questions, then you’ll need to hop behind the cut because my answers get kind of long!

– “stuck in world” report “second life”

– How do i give a gift to someone offline?

– If I delete a friend in sl, do I vanish from their friends list?

– How do I quickly undress my avatar in Second Life?

– Second Life edit others items

– Put folder into a box on SL

– When you rent in SL how do you rez your furniture?
– I just rented now how do I rezz?

“stuck in world” report “second life”
You need to open a support ticket if you’re stuck in-world (residents call this phenomenon “ghosting”, by the way). Log into your account at and go to Help > Additional Resources > Submit a ticket. Select ‘Account Issue’ from the first dropdown menu, and then ‘Second Life Viewer Login Issues’ from the second menu. Fill in your avatar name, the region name (if you can remember it), and mention that your avatar is stuck in-world.

If you’re a premium (paid account) user then it’s much easier: just open a Live Chat session (it’s text chat, not voice chat, so no headset is necessary) and tell the person you’re speaking to what has happened. They will re-start your account and give you instructions on what to do.

Edit: AK makes a very good suggestion in comments – “have an alt, and have the boxes in the friends list checked so that the alt can locate my main av on a map. This allows me to give LL the exact location of my main, because sometimes you can crash and be ghosted while out and may not recall where you were”.

How do I give a gift to someone offline?
Open up their profile and drag the item onto it, exactly the same as you would give them anything when they’re online. BE AWARE: If the item is no-copy, and their offline messages are capped (inventory offers count as offline messages and they max out at around 25) then the item will not get through to them and you will have lost it, also. So, to be on the safe side, try to wait until they are online before you send the item.

If I delete a friend in sl, do I vanish from their friends list?
Yes, you do. Unlike many other social media applications, SL does not (as yet) have non-reciprocal friends whereby you can remove a friend from your list but still be visible on their list. This isn’t ideal, I know, as sometimes you may want to quietly let someone go without a big fuss being made (especially if that person is the type to make a big fuss!)

How do I quickly undress my avatar in Second Life?
If you want to literally get naked and not put anything back on, then create a new ‘get naked quick’ outfit folder containing just your shape, skin, hair, AO and other essential HUDs. You’ll probably also want to include any extras that may be necessary for why you’re getting naked, so add in your prim genitalia, sex HUDs, and suchlike. Then, when you’re ready to strip off, just right-click that folder and ‘replace outfit’. (A little side-note here, though: if the reason for nudity is a romantic encounter, consider the possibilities of stripping off each item individually as your partner describes taking them off. Much more of a mood-setter, don’t you think?)

If, however, you merely want to change clothes, then be aware that you don’t need to take something off before you put something else on. Putting on a new jacket layer clothing item will replace any old jacket layer clothing item that you’re wearing, and so forth. Follow the same outfit principle as above to create outfit folders and use ‘add to outfit’, then remove any extra bits of the old outfit. (I suggest ‘add to outfit’ instead of ‘replace outfit’ here because ‘replace outfit’ will remove everything you’re wearing, including hair and all HUDs, and only have you wearing whatever is in the folder.)

Second Life edit others items
The person whose items you want to edit needs to expressly grant you permission to do so, and can revoke that permission at any time. To do this, they must open their friends list, and place a check on the box next to your name that is under the little icon that resembles a hand holding out a prim cube. Revoking permission is as simple as unchecking that same box. You will both receive dialogue messages and an audible warning sound that permissions have been given/revoked. BE VERY CAREFUL of giving edit permissions to anyone. If you read the warning dialogue carefully you will see that it not only allows them to move your belongings and creations, but they can also take them.

Edit: Please note that edit permissions only apply to rezzed items, not worn items. You cannot edit something your friend is wearing, although if you check the comments section there is a rather complicated workaround for this.

Put folder into a box on SL
I’m afraid it’s a little bit harder than just dragging the folder to the contents of the box. You will notice that, if you try this with several folders, the folders themselves will vanish and you’ll be left with the box containing just the folders’ contents, all jumbled up. If you need to archive several folders, then create a box for each folder, right-click-edit it and go to the Contents tab, then drag across everything from that folder into the tab (hint: leave one item until last, as often SL won’t refresh very well and it will look like some items didn’t make the move. Dragging the final item across on its own will usually trigger that refresh). Give the box a name, like: “Archive: Red Ballgown” and take it into inventory. Then, once you’re archived the folders individually, drag those archives into your main box.

When you rent in SL how do you rez your furniture?
I just rented now how do I rezz?
If you’re in rented accommodation in SL then you need to join the rentals group and have that group tag active before you can rez. You should have received an information notecard when you rented, which has all the necessary information, but a quick trick is to right-click on any prims on the land (if there’s a house then check that out; if it’s bare land then look at the rental box that you pay) and look under the General tab. Somewhere on there you’ll see ‘Group’, so search for that group and join it. Once you’re in the group, go to the groups tab of your friends list, click the group and activate it, and then you can rez your furniture.

If you’re in a Linden Home, then you don’t need any group tag active. You will always be able to rez anything you want in your own Linden Home.


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  1. Something I did to help with ghosting is to have an alt, and have the boxes in the friends list checked so that the alt can locate my main av on a map. This allows me to give LL the exact location of my main, because sometimes you can crash and be ghosted while out and may not recall where you were…as I understand it it’s helpful for LL to know what sim needs to be restarted.

    The last two times I’ve ghosted, though, I was in my apartment, and used my alt to contact my landlord and ask him to restart. I was also able to use the alt to locate a dance venue where my main had ghosted once and inform the host of the situation.

    Comment by AK | November 5, 2010 | Reply

    • The alt-who-can-map is an excellent idea, AK. I’ll edit the post to include that!

      Comment by Mar | November 5, 2010 | Reply

  2. BTW I actually did not know that it was possible to edit someone else’s stuff. I have a friend who would love to have me “fix her hair” and I thought that wasn’t possible. Cool!

    Comment by AK | November 5, 2010 | Reply

    • You can’t actually edit something that somebody else is wearing, I’m afraid. It only applies to rezzed objects.

      Comment by Mar | November 5, 2010 | Reply

      • to get around this one – if your friend wants you to fix their hair…. get them to give you mod rights… rez a pose stand… have them rez the hair… have them stand on the pose stand…. move hair into position and edit as needed… they take hair back into inventoryand hop off the posestand… have them wear it…

        cross your fingers and pray that the attachment point has the same rotation as the hair when rezzed (skull is a good option – but I’ve seen some hair parts attached elsewhere on the head)\

        btw in viewer 2 you can have multiple system layers (clothing layers) and so the add to outfit will only result in you wearing umpteem (well up to 5) different clothing items on anyone layer – useful but not always desirable…

        to get around this… go to inventory – my outfits – find the folder you were wearing and either right click folder and take off the whole folder or the individual items within it as required.

        annoyingly you cant do the above trick via the outfit tab in the side bar… you have to go into inv… LL fail again…

        Comment by quadrapop | November 5, 2010

      • I didn’t even think about that, quadrapop, but you’re absolutely right! It’s sort of a convoluted way of going about things, but if you have someone who really isn’t that good at editing prims then it’s a very good way of helping them out. Usually, the rotation stays the same, but I’m not sure whether in this case being able to actually take a friend’s objects would be a bad thing. If the rotation is screwed up, they could rez it again, you could take it and ensure it’s correct on your own head, rez it back out and they could take it agin…

        It’s making my head hurt just thinking about it, but it’s possible!

        Also, since I don’t use Viewer 2 I didn’t know there were multiple clothing layers. Are there now more than just underwear, shirt, and jacket? I didn’t bother counting alpha layers because those tend to be for specifics such as tattoos and makeups, and if they’re not in the folder you’re putting on then surely they wouldn’t rez on you?

        I really need to suck it up and download V2, but I really don’t want to use it with Mar. I tried with the Kirsten iteration and every time I switched from V2 to 1.23 I ended up naked and bald and my entire inventory had to reload each time :(

        Comment by Mar | November 6, 2010

      • Oh these are interesting ideas, thanks. I think it would work fine for me to take the hair, edit it on my own head, and rezz it on the ground so she can take it back.

        Regarding V2, yes, you can wear, say, more than one jacket layer at a time and unlike with the old Emerald attachment points, other people see you find with both jacket layers on as I understand it. I don’t actually use V2 myself. Quadrapop makes a good point about how this feature could actually be annoying if you want to replace one jacket with another!

        Comment by AK | November 6, 2010

      • More than one of the same layer?! Oh my word. Useful in some cases, but yes: utterly annoying when ‘add to outfit’ is your primary method of getting changed! Also, if it means people need to ‘replace outfit’ more, then I foresee bigger inventories as people have to copy their AOs and other essential huds into their outfit folders, or at least be prepared to lose all of those when they change and then create another folder just to ‘add’ the HUDs to their outfit. Oy!

        Comment by Mar | November 6, 2010

      • Mar – I didn’t say the eprson doing the tweaking to take the hair once rezzed…. while the friend is standing on the pose stand you move the hair they have rezzed (and still own) and position it on their head on the pose stand. Once you have done fiddling with the strands to fix their hair… they take it back into their inv and then wear it – they may need to rotate it to get it in the right position but the fiddly and difficult parts that involved tweaking the individual prims is done. This is how jewellery and other prim clothing items are tweaked to fit clients who cant, or dont want to, do it themselves.

        Comment by quadrapop | November 6, 2010

      • *grins* No, I understood what you meant. I just thought that if the friend was unable to edit the hair then they might also struggle to rotate it correctly, too ;)

        Comment by Mar | November 6, 2010

      • oops forgot to make clear – the friend rezzes the hair _on the ground_ thus they are not actually _wearing_ it when the prim/texture etc tweaking is done

        Comment by quadrapop | November 6, 2010

      • It’s called layer stacking, which you can do with the tattoo makeup layers, too, which is the only reason I wish I could tolerate V2….I would love to be able to wear lipstick, eyeshadow, freckles, and dimples all at the same time!

        Comment by AK | November 6, 2010

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