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A Halloween gifty from Truth Hair

Ladies, go slap the Subscribe-o-matic at Truth Hair (and if you’ve not already joined, then hit ‘Subscribe’). Slap it again and click ‘History’, then look for the notice dated October 28th. Click the relevant numbered button, and (after some considerable lag, as the store is heaving right now) you’ll be sent a package. Head for a less busy place to open it, and inside you’ll find eight bright colours of Truth’s Cleo hair, together with a further eight (same) colours in streaked versions.

Mar’s modelling the ‘Fire’ colour here, together with a lovely Houndstooth jacket from the L$1 closing sale at [AV] – see my previous post for details of that!


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L$1 closing sale at [AV]

I’m so sad to blog about yet another great designer leaving SL. Adreahna Vlodovic is closing [AV] and has thus marked down the entire store at L$1 per item. There’s a tonne of stuff here (lovers of vintagewear will be in heaven), and everything is just one Linden dollar. No pics; just get your pixel butts over to the store.

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