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The Red Seal Hunt at Rue D’Antibes

Leg it over to Rue D’Antibes and check in all the stores that have a sign for the Red Seal Hunt rezzed out. You’re looking for a white envelope with a red wax seal on it, and inside each one you’ll find some fabby free stuff, from hair and clothing to jewellery and household items (and guys, there’s something for you in one of the stores: big hint to save you from traipsing all around the girly stores: they have DJ equipment inside, as well as clothing).

The hunt runs until October 4th, and Mar’s got just a few of the items here to show you, so hop behind the cut!

Calico Ingmann has great fatpacks of hair for men and women as their hunt prize. Mar’s modelling the dark chocolate colour of the ladies’ hair here, as well as the hunt prize double tank top from Caprice:

Icing’s gorgeous vintagewear is always worth your time hunting. This lovely dress comes with both black and pink skirts:

Pretend that summer hasn’t ended (well, if you’re in the Northern hemisphere anyway!) with this pretty maxi dress hunt prize from Reale:

Need a gown to knock ’em dead with at your Christmas parties in-world this year? Snag the hunt prize from Fellini Couture, because it’s gorgeous:

Jewellery by Ticky Tacky, shoes by R2, skin by Tuli, nails by Love Soul, lashes by Glow Studio. Poses by C’est la Vie! and Glitterati.


September 29, 2010 - Posted by | treasure hunt

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