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Domicile’s All White!

Domicile has a free White Loft skybox gift out at The Gentlemen Bastards. It’s packaged in a Rez Faux box (simply rez it, click ‘Rez’ from the menu, wait for the building to assemble, then if you need to move it around, move the box and the building will follow it. Once you’re done, click ‘Save’ and you can delete the box) and each window can be adjusted to have the blinds closed, half-open, or fully-open simply by clicking them.

NOTE: The store’s been re-jigged since the last time I was there, so hop behind the cut to find the exact location of the gift, plus info about the furniture Mar’s featured in the pics.

Your limo to Gentlemen Bastards is here. You’ll need to go up the stone steps and into the first store. Check out the Midnight Mania, lucky chair, and lucky board just past the wooden wall on your left (always a good idea to look around for stuff like this when you’re freebie-gathering!) and then turn right to head up the metal steps. There’s another lucky chair at the top and the store on this floor (Kytheria) is in the Steam Hunt until the end of September, so nose around to find a sculpted cog and get the prize.

Then walk through the glowing door and up the stone steps into the second store. You’ll see the free White Loft gift in a box on the floor by the back wall :)

Mar bought some great modern furniture from House of Curios to rez in the loft. The chair shown in the first pic is one of three Big Shot Executive Chairs available in a pack for L$75. You’ll get them in black, cherry, and beech (shown). In the pic below is some cheaper fayre, also from House of Curios: the low-prim Faux Leather Chair Set. This features three chairs, each with a different sit pose, and is just L$20 for the set. The lamp is House of Curios’ Japanese Paper Lantern, which can be switched on or off with a simple click, and is L$50. All items are copiable.

September 21, 2010 - Posted by | freebies, furniture, homes and skyboxes, second life


  1. This looks great, but as a newbie I am wondering, where can you place a skybox without causing someone else problems, can you just put them anywhere?

    Comment by Ruby Kanashimi | September 30, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Ruby :)

      No, you can’t just place a skybox anywhere. You need to own or rent land over which you can put it. See my post All about skyboxes for more information.

      Comment by Mar | September 30, 2010 | Reply

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