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Some pretties for holiday Monday

Have some pretties for a holiday Monday :)

Baby Monkey has a sweet little pair of Cute Button Wedges for just L$10 at the desk inside the door. Mar’s teamed them with the L$10 Katiuscia dress in peach, from the Glam Affair/Beauty Avatar Couture discount room (see this post for how to get there). You’ll need to edit the skirt of the dress; see towards the end of this post for instructions (it’s really simple!)

Hop behind the cut for more Monday cheerer-uppers!

The Think P!nk Hunt is ongoing, and while Mar was at Amacci she managed to find the prize there (the store’s clue is: “I know an easy way to get in shape”). It’s this lovely set of Amore lingerie in hot pink. Mar has teamed them with an old-old-old gift from Hucci: the Freakum Pumps in hot pink and black (I have no idea if they’re even available to buy anymore; they were just about the only hot pink shoes I had in inventory!)

While you’re at Amacci, make sure you check out the freebie wall (where I’ve set your LM here) for the free fatpacks of Adena and Danina hair, as well as a facelight and free necklace.

Some new items from the Glam Affair/Beauty Avatar Couture Discount room. This lovely little Oslo denim dress and pink shrug is only L$10:

And these are two of the new sculpted skirt dresses there. Please note, the prim textures on these were created when the avatar base mesh was grey (it’s now white), so they’ll look darker than the rest of the dress. Just edit the skirt, go into the Texture tab, click the Colour box and change the colour to white. That will remove the grey colour cast. You also might want to drag the skirts down a little onto your hips, as they rez at the waist. Both the Rio and Bayonne dresses (shown here) and the black Mive dress are L$10 each:

Finally, for those of you that want to try out eyelashes but wince at the price of some of them, Chuculet have released some lovely ones for just L$1 per pair. Easily affordable! (They, too, have an item in the Think P!nk Hunt, so look out for the little wrapped piece of candy in the store).

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